Wednesday, 29 August 2018

George the Pterodactyl - by Lesley

Hey there everyone. A couple of years back I introduced you to Norman, he's HERE if you want to say hello.

Norman has appeared on the blog quite a few times over the past couple of years in various shapes and forms. This week I would like to introduce you to his friend, George the Pterodactyl. 

George started off as a little lump of wood that I found in my basement. His head was taken off a Halloween decoration which accidentally came home with me from work last year. :)

Using some clay I modelled his head and neck onto the wood and then secured a brass water type fitting thing-y around his neck and let it all go off. With the remaining clay, I used it to attach some wings onto the back of George.

Once it was all dry, I set about painting him. I used a graphite grey, a blood red and a touch of purple and dry brushed him until he was covered.
Using the pipework maze add-on sheet I decorated his body with the tiny bends and connectors. These were then heat embossed with a mixed media embossing powder.

I finished by adding a few touching's of silver wax and then added some veins to his head in black ink. 

I'm thinking that George needs to have a home, or a perch, so watch this space to find out  what happens to him.

Thanks for reading,
 L. x

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  1. Great to make George's acquaintance. Have you ever thought about making animations? I think he would look great as the star of a short animated film. I love your imagination! :)