Sunday 26 August 2018

Autumn Washi Tape Cube by Julie Ann

Hello Everyone! This week I'm back at Calico Craft Parts with a storage cube to stack up beside my other storage pieces I created a while back.

As we are drawing to the end of summer, this little storage cube has Autumn inspired colours and craft parts.

I decided to use one of the square aperture Artist Trading cubes to keep Washi tapes that I'm using currently close at hand on my desk. My favourite part of the whole process is gathering scraps of paper and art work that will coordinate and be appropriate to my theme. I really liked the effect of this tissue applied with fluid matte medium over my collage.

No scrap is too small to be kept for layering onto future projects.

Washi Tape and scraps of sentiments from previous projects along with more paper scraps all help to build up layers. Calico Craft Parts are then perfect to top off the project. Here I combined 2 different leafy parts, painting them in Autumn shades.

There are so many beautiful Calico leaf shapes - these are the Sugar Maple leaf and twig.

Here I combined the Sugar Maple leaf and twig with the Mini Sugar Maple. It's really fun to mix and match the craft parts. They take all kinds of paints and media, while still looking terrific just as they are!

Early Autumn always seems a meeting point to me, when we reflect on the past glories of the Summer, look about us at the array of Autumn colour and anticipate the dramatic silhouettes of winter trees against red and gold sunsets.

The cube is just for a small selection of tapes. The spool inside the aperture forms the perfect anchor for 3 coordinating tapes.

The cube is finished off with Washi Tape edging and Scrabble tiles covered in map paper and playing card designs. To add contrast I stamped across the top of the cube, embossing with a white embossing powder.

Now as the shorter days approach and it's time to get crafting for Christmas, I shall have a ready supply of tape on my desk to add to my projects.
Calico Craft Parts used in this project
Square Aperture Artist Trading Block (medium sized)
Sugar Maple Leaf and Twig
Mini Sugar Maple Leaf and Twig
Skeleton Tree, Style 8
Blackberry Bramble MDF shape


  1. Your work fills me with a kind of dreamy optimism...thank you for this, Julie. xox

  2. Oh, I'm so glad, Heather because that's how Autumn always makes me feel for some reason! xx

  3. love love love

  4. This is so lovely Julie! The Autumn leaves really are such a wonderful addition above those lovely collage papers and of course your beautiful images. What a delightful way to store some most loved washi!

  5. What a lovely idea, Julie! Autumn is my favourite season and you have captured everything I love about it on your beautiful project!
    Claudia x

  6. Loving the Craft Parts. So inspiring! As usual an imaginative piece of art! Xx

  7. So fabulous Julie Ann!
    the mini maple tree and those leaves are gorgeous,even if they are here too soon! lol
    I really love how you scrapped the pieces on the block. You really rocked this block- it is beee u te ous!
    Jackie xo

  8. So romantic creation Julie, a wonderful autumn atmosphere and she is very beautiful. I love this!! xx