Tuesday, 26 July 2022

In the deep. Little ocean themed plaque by Louise Crosbie.


Hi there.  

I’m sharing this little deep ocean themed plaque today. While I often use craft parts as embellishments to larger projects, this project is about 90% craft parts. Very soothing to work on as all I had to do was pick out the parts I wanted and glue them down to create a scene. I used a stencil on the background first then I used little cobble stones to create the pebbles at the bottom of the ocean floor  I added some mini art stones to create a sand effect.

Once all my parts were glued down and secure, I gave everything a coat of white gesso then added colour. A bit of dry brushing restored the detail.

Some sequins and glitter added a touch of magic. I’m thinking of turning this into a mini album cover as I have another plaque the same I could turn into the back cover and bind the book with mini book rings. 

Craft Parts Used

Mixed media board door shape


Diver octopus

Seaweed #9

Seaweed Stalked leaf bearer 

Chub Fish

Cobblestones mini sheet




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  1. Oh, it may be "little", but there's sooooo much goodness going on here, Louise! Wow! Love love love!

    Claudia xxx