Thursday, 24 January 2019

Gentle Wishes Card by Jennie

Hello and welcome!

Jennie here with you today and I thought I would share a quick "wishes" card using some of the smaller Calico Craft Parts pieces and some simple techniques.

I took a piece of cardstock 4" x 4" and layered it onto a slightly larger piece of craft card using my sewing machine (which was out and not buried under a huge stash of knitting wool!). I then layered this onto a 6" x 6" card before adding any of the embellishments.

I have only dabbed white acrylic paint on to the key, tag and butterfly - I like the MDF brown showing through here and there. I have edged each piece with a gold pen for definition.

I love these little tags, they work so well on smaller projects and I have a little pack of small sentiment stamps which I know will fit on them. It is always handy to have some non-definitive cards that can be used for birthdays, thankyou's or just because.

Add in a couple of small flowers and a bit of ribbon ....... card finished!

The card is quite robust and although it will incur the larger post fee at least it should survive!

Thank you for joining me today and I look forward to being back at the beginning of next month with a new project.

Jennie x

Calico Craft Parts used:

Monday, 21 January 2019

A Sleigh Ride in the Snow... definitely one of... enjoy during the coldest time of the year, isn't it?

I had my last sleigh ride about one year ago and it was even more fun as I enjoyed it together with my son and husband and my dog girlie Bluna in a real winter wonder land!

We will be spending this year's skiing holiday over there again and I am already looking forward to another sleigh ride and some winter walks in the beautiful snow covered forests! I tried to capture a bit of winter magic on my tag and just fell in love with the gorgeous vintage wood shape of the three children having fun on their sleigh and ice skates!

Calico Craft Parts used:

- MDF Tag Shape - Classic (second largest size)

I created a textured base layer on the MDF tag by applying DecoArt media white Modeling Paste through a snowflakes stencil.

Then I placed the wood shapes on the still wet Modeling Paste - so no extra glue was needed to fix the word band, the snowflakes and the children on their sleigh to the tag.

Once everything had dried I snipped off the excess parts of the snowflakes (using a large pair of household scissors) and then dry brushed everything with DecoArt premium Titanium White acrylic paint.

Final touches were added with DecoArt Cosmic Blue and Silver Spark Metallic Lustres that I simply applied using my fingertips.

The Titanium White left overs on my palette were used up by creating little sprinkled on "snowflakes" with a splatter brush.

I found that the tag needed a bit of a visual edge so I blended the tag's edges with walnut stain Distress Crayon.

A ribbon and snowflake charm finished off the tag. 

The Metallic Lustres beautifully highlighted the stencilled on and glued on snowflakes and added that bit of snowy sparkle to my tag.

Once more the finished tag:

Hugs and happy crafting!

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Clockwork themed book box.

I must first apologise for how short on text my recent blog posts have been. I’m finding it impossible on my iPad as once I add the photos, I can’t scroll to see or edit them. So I add some short vital info, then add the photos and just hope they are there because I can’t scroll to check.
If any of you blog using an iPad I’d very much appreciate any advice you can give.
Anyhoo... back to this weeks project.
It’s a book box. Well so far it’s the cover of a bookbox.
I’ve covered it with scrapbook papers, added some lovely steampunk embellishments and used paint and rust mediums etc to give it a worn interesting look, (at least, that was the plan).

Well there you have it. A badly edited post with poor layout lol. I would have happily done a step by step on the paint distressing but google blog is making it impossible. 
If you have any questions, please just pop an email over to me or ask on Facebook. 

Z x 

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Boat Shrine by Lesley

‘Tis my first Calico make for 2019, And I decided to make a little shrine. But using the little wooden boat. I love the shape of these boats.

I started by assembling it, and then painted the outside using textured paints in dark and light grey.
I used cream and a purple on the inside.

The key was painted green and I used a purple metallic wax on it. And then hung it from the arch of the boat.

The roses are another favourite of mine. These were snipped off from the branches and painted red and glued to the top.

I kept the other piece whole for the front.

I look forward to working with the other size boats. :)

Thanks for reading
L. X

Ingredients used

MDF Boat and Oars Kit
MDF Heart Key
Rose Bramble, style 2

Monday, 14 January 2019

Encourage your Creative Soul, Calico Banner - Julie Ann Lee

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my first Calico post of 2019. I hope that this will be a year of creative discoveries for you. I decided that I would start this new year with a bit of creative encouragement in the form of some Calico Craft Parts bunting. I used 5 of the MDF triangle bunting shapes, but there are also birch ply bunting shapes available.

The banner reads 'Encourage your Creative Soul Each Day' and I hope that, hanging above my fireplace, these little muses will remind me to keep a flame of creativity glowing on the darkest winter days.

I wanted to create warm, fun backgrounds on my bunting so I unearthed my oil pastels and had a great time blending warm colours and melting them with a heat tool. Warning! Don't touch the surface until it's cooled down - I almost burned my finger in my eagerness to blend while the pastels were still warm!

You will notice that I gave the bunting a coat of Gesso first to provide a nice foundation for the oil pastels. I used the purple lid to draw around. Eventually I sprayed the bunting with a fixative so that those rich, warm colours would remain stable.

Next step was to create a focal point for my bunting. I collaged these bodies from Renaissance art onto the larger tags on a sheet of Calico Mini MDF Tags with pointed tops.

With the addition of mini hearts for heads the little characters start to introduce themselves...

and they really come alive when you give them arms and legs from one of the small Calico doll kits.

I played for some time, decorating and assembling the legs and bodies...

and experimenting with different word stickers to create a positive message. Gold Ultra Thick Embossing Powder provided another layer of warmth. I dipped my circle lid into an embossing ink pad, pressed it onto the bunting and then sprinkled over the gold granules and melted them with a heat tool before coming to a final decision as to where to place my muses and what words to use.

Who are my Muses? This is Gaea, reminding me to look to the Earth and the Natural world for inspiration.

  Charis will remind me to treat myself and others with kindness.

Psyche reminds me to look into my heart and soul for inspiration and to make self discoveries.

Athena might look shy and diffident but underneath she has courage and boldness: she just needs a little encouragement to leave her comfort zone and shine!

Finally Vesta, goddess of hearth and home reminds me that there is inspiration to be found in our everyday lives.

Thank You so much for dropping by today. I hope you will be inspired to create yourself or a friend an encouraging banner of 2019. Have a happy and creative time until we meet in a fortnight.

Calico Craft Parts used in this Project
Sheet of Mini MDF Tags - Pointed Tops
MDF Triangle Bunting Shape
MDF Heart Mini Plaques
Standard Jointed Art Doll Kit (small)
Leaf from Songbird Trio in Spring Branch