Thursday 9 May 2024

Alice in Wonderland - Mixed Media Inspiration




 I was really excited to try out a new technique again, 

and the Alice theme was absolutely perfect for this!

 I formed some strands from old newspapers and made a keyhole, 

then painted it with the appropriate colours to create some gnarled old trees.

 The result is a very cool 3d effect 😍

 The new Alice shape fitted perfectly into the centre of this hole.




 used MDF shapes


some close up's


Have fun!!


Thursday 25 April 2024

Bookend 2 - Alice in Wonderland

 Hello, and welcome to today's second matching bookend!


The basic structure of the bookend is similar to the first one, but this time I used the

Arch with Shaped Profile

 I also used a cup as a base for decorating. You could even cut the cup in half and add the other half to the left bookend! There are so many variations that are possible.


How to tips 

Here's a great tip! Gluing two parts together is a good way to add stability. 

Try gluing two parts on top of each other – Bookend left: Dead Tree Trunk – MDF Wood Shape Style 4 Wild Flowers & Butterflies or

 Bookend right: Alice In Wonderland Shapes – Just Alice Silhouette and Wild Flower Patch Border. This gives more stability and makes your project look amazing!

 You can also use the leftovers – the Alice In Wonderland Shapes – We're All Mad Here Script was perfect for that. 




some details

used MDF shapes


Arch with Shaped Profile - Mixed Media Boards & Plaques

Rounded Rectangle Shape - Mixed Media Boards & Plaques 3mm

 Teacup & Saucer - Mixed Media Boards & Plaques


 Alice In Wonderland Shapes - Absolom The Caterpillar

 Sheet of Mini MDF Wood Cogs - Style 2

Steampunk Clock Hands - MDF Wood Corner

 Wild Flower Patch Border



Thanks for stopping by...until next time!

Wednesday 17 April 2024

Bookends - Alice in Wonderland



Today a new inspiration project with Alice in Wonderland shapes.

 I created two bookends using some mixed media boards. I used two boards, each 2mm thick, and glued them together to make them more stable.

 For the bottom part, I split one board in half, glued it on top of the other, and then glued it to the side part.

 It's a simple construction that works well, 

and you can let your imagination run wild with the further design!





some details 



 used MDF shapes


 Dead Tree Trunk - MDF Wood Shape Style 4


 Next time I'll introduce you to the second bookend in more detail 
and with some tips how it's done.

Have fun creative friends!


Thursday 11 April 2024

Door Hanger Alice - We're all mad here




 Have you seen the latest products at Calico Craft Parts???

You can find a lot of Alice in Wonderland shapes, suitable to the well-known classic children's book.

This is a wonderful story told with imagination that are reflected in our time. 

I love this story, as I'm sure many of you do too. You can be creative and explore this topic in many ways. The world in the story is full of wonders, and the door is open to many ideas.

 I will be presenting a few projects in the near future. 

To start today, I have a quick little gift for good friends. It's a door hanger, you can use it, for example, when you invite friends over or as a signpost for the next creative workshop. It will put a smile on everyone's face.



 The Mad Hatter was very inspiring for me. The level of detail was impressive. I primed it with a little white paint using the dry brush technique. Then, I lightly painted over the surface with silver wax cream. Finally, I coloured the hat black and added only light accents with rust paint. 

I have had the best experiences when working with pure colour and very little water thinner. I always allow it to dry well in between so that the details look very good.




used MDF shapes


We're all mad here - creative mad, right?!

You'll fit right in 😀

I would love to see some of your projects on IG or FB, 

please use #Aliceccp


Have fun!




Monday 25 March 2024

Easter Egg - Home Decor


 Hello everyone!


I have designed an Easter egg (210 x 150 mm)

 that can be used as a mural on a window or on a wall.

It could also work as a standing Easter decoration

 in a spring landscape if you built a small stand for it.


 I selected a basic wooden frame (which is not yet available here, but there are egg plaques here), 

and added a felt egg as a background. I decorated the top half with the Art deco part. 

I separated the vine corner and placed it behind the hare family, 

which was beautifully engraved and required minimal colouring.



some details

used MDF shapes Calico Craft Parts


Hare Family

Art Deco & Nouveau Style Ornament Shapes - Style 3

Deco Vine MDF Wood Corner Embellishment - Style 48


Happy Easter Greetings!


Monday 4 March 2024

Mystery Forest House


 Hello creative friends!


I was inspired to transform the Halloween house into a mysterious forest house.

 The house has a stable stand, allowing for easy movement and rearrangement for new decorations.

 I created an old, dilapidated house using the appropriate colour shading and crackle medium.

 The transformation was completed quickly. 

To create a three-dimensional effect, I glued together various 

individual parts such as leaves and mushrooms. The mini windows fit almost perfectly into the recesses, and the mini door has a small canopy.

 It appears as though Grandpa Gnome has just come for a visit.




 some close up's

 used shapes



Thanks for stopping by


Friday 16 February 2024

Forest Lantern


 Hello everyone!

Today, I am presenting a new lantern project. 
This simple model features open rectangular apertures made of birch wood, 
designed to match a forest theme. 
I glued perspex sheets onto three sides, leaving the fourth open
 so that a simple electric tea light can be placed inside. 
To decorate the lantern, I added a few filigree MDF parts, 
dividing them into different sections and gluing them on individually.
 As the original colour of the MDF parts contrasted well with the light birch wood tone, 
I did not change their colour. 



used shapes





Thanks for stopping by


Thursday 1 February 2024

Spring greetings - Homedecor


 Hello everyone!


The last month of winter has begun, and the longing for spring is great.

 Today, I present to you a new upcycling project. 

I found it in an old scramble box; it was missing two rabbits, but I liked it very much.

 So, I had the idea to make the whole thing prettier with a few Calico Craft shapes.



I used leftover wood-paper wallpaper to cover the rabbits, and aged the edges with walnut ink.

 Then, I created a spring landscape using only a few pieces, 

leaving the shapes in their original colours and highlighting them 

with a small amount of white acrylic paint.



With a matching Easter egg from my stock I filled in the missing part.


some close up's

 used MDF shapes


Fallen Tree Branch

Tall Picket Fence Panel

Snowdrop - MDF Floral Wood Shape

Alert Rabbit

Daffodil Flower


 Thanks for stopping by..

a new lantern project will follow 😀




Wednesday 17 January 2024

Lantern - On a frosty morning


 Hello everyone!


 Have you discovered the new lantern kit here ???

I love lanterns that spread warmth and light, 

especially during the dark season.

Today the version with gothic windows. 

I chose the birch wood version with perspex

 and added some MDF parts. 

I treated the perspex windows with frost spray, which creates

 beautiful ice flowers and provides a magical atmosphere.

 When the electric tea light is lit, it looks like a sunrise on a frosty morning.










 Creative Tip:


 The MDF parts were not painted but finished with white gesso

 using the dry brush technique. 

This creates a good contrast to the warm birch wood tone.

 The lantern was shaded only at the corners with liquid walnut ink.


some close up's



 used MDF shapes






 Thanks for stopping by...until next lantern 😀!