Friday 16 February 2024

Forest Lantern


 Hello everyone!

Today, I am presenting a new lantern project. 
This simple model features open rectangular apertures made of birch wood, 
designed to match a forest theme. 
I glued perspex sheets onto three sides, leaving the fourth open
 so that a simple electric tea light can be placed inside. 
To decorate the lantern, I added a few filigree MDF parts, 
dividing them into different sections and gluing them on individually.
 As the original colour of the MDF parts contrasted well with the light birch wood tone, 
I did not change their colour. 



used shapes





Thanks for stopping by


Thursday 1 February 2024

Spring greetings - Homedecor


 Hello everyone!


The last month of winter has begun, and the longing for spring is great.

 Today, I present to you a new upcycling project. 

I found it in an old scramble box; it was missing two rabbits, but I liked it very much.

 So, I had the idea to make the whole thing prettier with a few Calico Craft shapes.



I used leftover wood-paper wallpaper to cover the rabbits, and aged the edges with walnut ink.

 Then, I created a spring landscape using only a few pieces, 

leaving the shapes in their original colours and highlighting them 

with a small amount of white acrylic paint.



With a matching Easter egg from my stock I filled in the missing part.


some close up's

 used MDF shapes


Fallen Tree Branch

Tall Picket Fence Panel

Snowdrop - MDF Floral Wood Shape

Alert Rabbit

Daffodil Flower


 Thanks for stopping by..

a new lantern project will follow 😀




Wednesday 17 January 2024

Lantern - On a frosty morning


 Hello everyone!


 Have you discovered the new lantern kit here ???

I love lanterns that spread warmth and light, 

especially during the dark season.

Today the version with gothic windows. 

I chose the birch wood version with perspex

 and added some MDF parts. 

I treated the perspex windows with frost spray, which creates

 beautiful ice flowers and provides a magical atmosphere.

 When the electric tea light is lit, it looks like a sunrise on a frosty morning.










 Creative Tip:


 The MDF parts were not painted but finished with white gesso

 using the dry brush technique. 

This creates a good contrast to the warm birch wood tone.

 The lantern was shaded only at the corners with liquid walnut ink.


some close up's



 used MDF shapes






 Thanks for stopping by...until next lantern 😀!


Wednesday 3 January 2024

Cobweb House in Winter




....  and suddenly it was winter 😀

The time goes by so fast. A classic Halloween house, which has just been lost in the fog,

 experiences the first snow.

 Felix the tomcat seems to be very comfortable. 

He walks across the roof with ease.






 some details

I fell in love with this unique house immediately. 
However, I couldn't use it for Halloween.
 I didn't want to wait until next October, so I put it into hibernation.
 I removed a few cobwebs (which I saved for future projects) and added wintry colours to turn this beautiful new kit into a winter home decor object.
It radiates cosiness and warmth while being illuminated by an electric tea light.



additional shapes


 🎇🎇 Happy New Year 🎇🎇




Monday 11 December 2023

Little christmas lantern - 3D Kit


Hello everyone!


Have you seen the latest 3D lantern kits???

Amazing,  also as a gift idea to assemble yourself.

You can glue them together quickly with wood glue. 

I chose the option  -Engraved - with some filigree snowflakes.

Extra Tip!

There is a small hole in the centre of the lantern

 to fit the tip of an electric tea light, 

the plastic sleeve acts as a small base, great!




I decorated the lantern with some slightly glittering snow effects, 

after all, we're all dreaming of white christmas, right? 😀


Perspex windows were sprayed with ice crystal spray, 

the ice flower effect on the panes creates a magical atmosphere.

I also glued the little boy with the sledge in the middle of the lantern

 (the shape was cut in two and glued offset). 

The lighting creates interesting shadow effects.


 used MDF shapes




Thanks for stopping by...until next time!

🎇  Wish you a beautiful advent season  🎇


Wednesday 29 November 2023

November Mood


 Hello everyone!


 November - that unloved month between golden October with its glowing foliage,

 and the frosty December, that magical but often very hectic time.

 The first frosty November nights  freeze the last summer flowers and Halloween pumpkins 

and cover everything with a soft blanket of snow. 


 This mood inspired me to use a new mixed media board in the shape of a pumpkin. 

In a blue mood, I designed the background with a stencil and acrylics. 

The little forest elf spreads some warmth with her little light in this dark landscape 

covered with hoarfrost.




some details


 used MDF shapes




 Thanks for your visit!
 I hope you find inspiration!



Wednesday 15 November 2023

Opa Gnom wants comfort


Hello everyone!


Today I'd like to introduce you to the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest, 

who probably come and go quite often in the big mushroom


some details



Special Tip


You can also make a sitting Opa Gnom from a standing one. 

After all, an old man wants comfort.

Just break the legs twice OMG 😀

and then glue them back together at a 90° angle.



used MDF shapes


Old Man of The Forest - MDF Woodland Folk Shape

 Opa Gnom - MDF Woodland Folk Form 

 Coulemelle Mushroom

 Fallen Tree Branch

 Deco Vine MDF Wood Corner Embellishment - Style 48

Mushrooms - Fungi MDF Wood Shape - Style 13

Maidenhair Fern MDF Wood Shape - Style 1

Running Hare

Sheet of Mini Insects - MDF Wood Shapes Style 1



 Thanks for your visit!
 I hope you find inspiration!

Wednesday 1 November 2023

3D Kit Mushroom - Enchanted Forest


Hello everyone!


 Today I present you another newly designed 3d kit. It is a giant mushroom 

(I chose the 3mm version) that can be made for example as a toadstool or a boletus.

It has become a wonderful autumn table decoration for me, 

creating a charming and cosy atmosphere with the help of a simple electric tea light.









 Creative Tip


The visible joints on the stem of the mushroom were disrupting the overall appearance,
 so I chose to cover them. 
I decided to use a thicker, monochrome scrapbook paper.
 I cut it to size, using the plate left over from pressing out the MDF parts as a template. 
 The paper was then lightly moistened and covered with a wood pattern 
using a 3D embossing folder. 
 Then glued on and colour matched accordingly with dry brush technique.

some close up's


used MDF shapes






 Thanks for your visit!
 I hope you find inspiration!