Thursday, 21 March 2019

Spring Canvas by Lesley

Hi everyone. This week I have decorated a little canvas.

I started out with using some spray inks and dry brushed the edges with silver paint.

A handwritten stamp in black ink was added next.

I tore up some white cheesecloth fabric and added some more spray in before attaching to the canvas using brads.

I painted the fancy flourish in metallic paints and added an ivy leaf garland.

Splodges of glue was added which I then sprinkled with glass beads and tiny micro beads.

Thanks for reading,

Ingredients used
Fancy flower flourish
Ivy leaf garland

Monday, 18 March 2019

Ahoi! - Altered Book Box - by Claudia

Ahoi, hi and servus! It's the "other" Monday today - so it is my time to share a new project on this wonderful blog filled with amazing inspiration by the whole design team. ;)

Today I want to show you a book box I have made for an upcoming event - a Pirate themed Murder Mistery Dinner! So I of course needed a cool book box to store my info sheets in...and to show off with. lol

The open book box and its back cover look like this:

As the Calico Craft Parts that I used to decorate the cool Book Box with were already stunningly beautiful in their original, untreated state, I did not do a lot with these and only added paint washes so not to loose any detail from the engraved laser texture.

Calico Craft Parts used:

The cover of the book box was quite quickly done. I used a beautiful map (a gift wrapping paper) and glued that onto the front and back covers using DecoArt matte Decou-Page. Once that had dried I sanded the excess paper off with a sanding block. 

The globe, shell, hinges and label holder with screw heads were glued in place with matte Decou-Page as well, before I started painting them partly with DecoArt media fluid acrylics Burnt Sienna and Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide. I only applied these as light washes here and there to create more depth and interest. 

The hinges, screw heads and parts of the globe were painted using DecoArt Matte Metallics Vintage Brass.

Using my fingertip I applied DecoArt Gold Rush Metallic Lustre around the covers' edges.

It seems a subtle effect, but it makes quite an impact.

Once all was done, I assembled the box for the inside and glued it in place using more Decou-Page. (....and it is always good to have some large, heavy paint bottles in reach to put on top of projects while the glue dries ;)


I hope the cool effect from the Matte Metallics paint on the globe and hinges gets visible in the picture! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! See you in two weeks!

Hugs and happy crafting!

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Spring ‘Time’: an altered alarm clock case.

A friend of mine was having a clear out and she gave me a box of treasure to use in my crafting. In the box was a little alarm clock case with no back.
I’ve used it along with some Calico Craft Parts to make a little spring time assemblage.
I’ve used whole parts but I also often break off bits to fit my needs. The grass, daffodils and bird are all piece of a larger shape. I have to admit that this is a project that, in my mind, didn’t work but it’s not bad enough to say it went wrong. It’s just not what I had hoped. But it still gives a bit of inspiration and maybe you could do a better job 😉

Craft Parts used:
Alert hare and sitting hare

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Botanical Tea by Jennie

Hello and welcome! It is always lovely to be back on Calico Craft Parts creating with new products.

And you can't have failed to see that we are all creating with the new Tea Caddy! I have used the medium sized caddy and some botanical tissue paper to create a caddy which can be used for leaf tea (my husband is a great tea drinker and loves  his different blends). Apparently this medium size will take a full 250g bag of loose tea - he has tried it already!

The outside of the box was first given a few coats of gesso - I have kept the inside clear of any products so as not to "taint" the tea!

I measured out the botanical tissue paper to fit right around the box and painted it on the reverse with blue paint - not being too careful as I wanted different shades to show through. When dry I stuck it onto the box with multi matte medium and left everything to dry overnight.

I used a tea-themed layering stencil to add a bit of texture.

Then the whole box got a coat of DecoArt Crackle Glaze. It is quite a big area to cover so make sure you have enough!

I found some glass door knobs in our local hardware store for £3.

Finally I added DecoArt Gold Metallic paint around the edges and to highlight the stencilling. I still felt it needed something else so glued metal tape around the edges. I am not sure that this is quite what I wanted as it is rather brassy! but it might fade with use.

I really love these new tea caddies and love the way my fellow teamies  are showing very different ways of decorating them!

As always thank you for joining me today and happy crafting!

Jennie x

Calico Craft Parts used:

Monday, 11 March 2019

Forgetting the Noise of the World - Clarice Cliff inspired Tea Caddy by Julie Ann

Hello, it's lovely to be back on the Calico Craft Parts blog. I've been working with one of the beautiful and practical Calico Kitchen Caddies and - unusually for me - I'm using this fantastic kit for its obvious purpose! Why not brew up your favourite blend of tea and join me?

After creating my Clarice Ciff inspired doll, who now has a permanent home on my kitchen wall...

... I had to continue the Clarice theme.

 My kitchen is the heart of my home, where - for a moment - everything can stop for a restorative cup of tea. So many tales have mingled with the fragrant steam of Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong or good old English Breakfast. There I've listened to stories my family and friends shared, or stories I reflected on alone. I wanted to decorate the sides of my caddy to reflect the contentment contained in these moments of sharing a steaming cuppa or the peace of a few quiet sips.

First we have to turn the clock back to assembling! What's great about the caddy is that it's so easy to construct. The lid fits beautifully, but it's simply 2 parts! You just glue the smaller square onto the larger and there is even an engraved square to guide you.

I glued my storage box together first before giving the sides a good coat of black Gesso.

Once this was dry, it was easy to create these lilac panels with their black edges - thanks to the magic of masking tape!

I didn't worry too much if the edges weren't absolutely perfect: a little imperfection adds to the charm of hand-painted pieces!

Once my substrate was ready I could add my art work to each panel, pencilling in my Clarice Cliff inspired designs before adding colour and finally outlining with a size 1 fine liner.

As you can see from this panel, I was inspired by Clarice Cliff's designs, but I also put my own interpretation on her style. Have you ever seen a country cottage that seems to be dreaming in the warm afternoon sun, lulled by the sweet sound of the river flowing by? I used a chalky finish crafting paint, applying layers of translucent over matte to create the impression of painted china.

Who hasn't been reminded of the warmth of the kind and nurturing sun in a cup of tea on a cold winter's morning?

On this panel there's a little reminder of tea ceremonies, taking the time to appreciate  a fragrant drink in beautiful surroundings.

How peaceful to sit on a hillside and listen to the waves in the distance.

The caddies come in different sizes so you can create a matching set and, of course, they would be great for craft-room storage too. You can even request a small hole drilled in the lid for a knob and, if you want a more dimensional look, there are a huge variety of craft parts you can add as embellishments. Thank you so much for taking some time to join me for tea and crafting today. Have a great week filled with creativity and beautiful moments of stillness.
Calico Craft Parts used in this Project
MDF Kitchen Caddy Storage Box Kit (Medium Size)
Word Elements (Blank)

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Travelalbum 'Moments' by Kerstin

Welcome, creative friends!

I was inspired to create a new mixed media mini album in vintage industrial style that has a touch of steampunk to collect not only some memories from past vacations, but also some  awesome wooden steampunk shapes from Calico Craft Parts inside. Have you seen the latest additions? They're absolutely stunning!

After a longer photo session I will explain
 how to layer wooden shapes in a simple way.

The album was handmade from old calendar sheets, 
leftovers from scrapbook papers, washi tapes, stamps, stencils, tags, metal embellishments
 and cutting dies.

On the many album pages I would like to show that wooden shapes
 can be used in many different ways. 
Either as a single element or as a base for a cabochon, but also for fixing photos 
or layered on top of each other as a special eye-catcher.


Just get inspired!


Calico Craft Parts used: 


Layering with wooden shapes


Firstly I applied Crackle Glaze on one half of the clock face. After drying, I first wiped with DecoArt media Antiquing cream 'Titanium White' on the left side and then Antiquing cream 'Carbon Black' on the right side. 
Then I embossed both parts - Steampunk Cogs & Clock Hands - MDF Wood Corner and the letter 'A' from MDF Letters & Numbers - Steampipe Font - with fine silver  embossing powder.
The letter 'A' was glued in the middle of the clock face and the steampunk corner was fixed to the lower part and I also decorated the gluing with a cap nut.

Thanks for your visit!
Have a beautiful weekend!