Saturday 23 July 2022

Maritim Frame - Summer Home Decor with Kerstin


Welcome creative friends!


Summertime and vintage feelings
I was inspired to create an upcycling project and a maritim picture frame 
was born.
It's a combination of MDF shapes, old fabric leftovers
and nature elements.



 How I began


 used  an old wooden circle panel as base
attached 4 pieces of jute ribbon to make it look like a lifebelt
added 4 beach inspired MDF shapes,
 which were partially divided and cut to size
should be an old weathered character
so I only used a dry brush technique with white gesso


some details


used MDF shapes from Calico Craft Parts


Wild Grass MDF Wood Shape - Style 4

 To The Beach Signpost

Rustic Beach Fence Panel

Deck Chair



I hope you find inspiration!


Thanks for stopping by...until next time



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  1. Utterly gorgeous, Kerstin! Love this so much!

    Claudia xxx