Saturday, 1 September 2018

Steam powered music box by Zuzu

I've had a go at decorating one of the beautiful little round box kits. Every time I see it in the shop it reminds me of 'The magic roundabout' or the 'Camberwick Green' music box,

No surprise that I gave mine a vintage steampunk sort of a look. I used large vintage thread reels to elevate it and give it a raised centrepiece.

I love the raw colour of the craft parts so I utilised that by cutting out suitable papers roughly to size and gluing them on to the side parts.

Then I sanded the edges before inking with a vintage sepia colour.

Then I assembled it according to the pdf instructions on the shop webpage.

Once its all together you are instructed to put the dowling through the little hinges and catch.

Now this is the point that, if you're anything like me, you read the word dowling and think "OH!!! THATS what those were." while refering to some little bits of wood you found on your desk and either threw them out or put them "somewhere safe" then forgot where...

Not to worry. you can use a coctail stick or a match or something. I shaved down a scrap off of the left over section from the kit.

When I had the box assembled I simply glued lots of interesting bits on the top, making sure to only glue to the lid section so that it would still open.
I've used one of the steampunk mini sheets as well as random single cogs and a steam train a bit like Stephenson's Rocket.

To complete the look, I popped it into one of the large glass domes you can buy in Ikea and labelled it using one of the word elements from the Apothecary sheet.


Simple to make but a lot of fun... see you in two weeks.
Z x


  1. Gorgeous Louise, love your vintage steampunk feeling! Great idea! Hugs, Kerstin x

  2. What a great project, Louise. I love these little boxes and yours looks so intriguing with a great 'steam-punk' vibe. x

  3. This is just utterly brilliant, Louise! The come-back of the year and what a come-back this is! ;)
    Love love love this to bits!

    Claudia xxx

  4. Fabulous project Louise! Such a wonderful vintage feel to it. Jennie x