Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Skull Named Norman - by Lesley

Only a few more days until Halloween........still time to sneak in another project, so i made this!

I started off with the medium size box, the one with the arch style front (even though i didn't end up using the front!) I painted both sides with black gesso and then added some crackle glaze to each side. Once this was dry, i glued the box together. I used red gilding wax, and rubbed it around the edges and into the cracks of the glaze.

I used a couple of the mini bats and crows and ravens for a bit of decoration on the sides.

Little wooden legs painted black were added to give the box some height.
Next came the fun part....the skull!Just a bog standard plastic one. He was painted and off white colour, and then i used a fine black nibbed pen to highlight his teeth and the cracks of his head.

I am not a flowery type of person whatsoever, but once in a while its nice to push myself to use them. The flowers were originally green but were splodged with a blood coloured paint!! I wrapped them around some wire and gave the skull a headpiece.

The skull was glued to a bottle top painted black and then glued inside the box. This is when i realised the big fat error i had made! I had glued the legs on the wrong side of the box, meaning the shaped front panel would only fit sideways (looking pretty stupid) I'd like to say this is the first time i have done this, but i'd be lying! Because of this stupid mistake i moved the skull forward to front of the box, which allowed him to have his mouth open.

For the top of the box i used a cobweb, a few more flowers and a teeny skull from my stash.

Without the frame on the front of the box, it looked kinda empty. So i added a pair of feet and some hands.
And then as a final touch, a nice pair of wire glasses!
Although this will be my last piece for Halloween, i can see a few more skulls cropping up in the future......i just love them!

Happy Halloween from me and Norm.......and thanks for reading!


Ingredients used
Arch style ATB cube
Spiders Web
Colony of bats
Mini crows and ravens


  1. Love it Lesley, love how you used the pen on his teeth and I adore the colour of the flowers. Love his glasses too. Tracy x

  2. I so laughed out loud when I saw this Lesley!!
    How fun- and i love the name Norman as well! I a, fond of the black and red color combo you used- great piece! xo

  3. This is such a fun make and the CCP's are a wonderful addition
    Annie x