Monday, 11 April 2016

'Who lives here' by Kasia

Hi everyone!

Kasia from Papierowy wymiar here today and I am so excited to be guest designer for Calico Craft Parts!

Here is what I made for the first guest post:

Calico Craft Parts used on my 'Who lives here' album:

Brown Trout MDF Fish Wood Shape
Crucian Carp MDF Fish Wood Shape
Grayling MDF Fish Wood Shape
Pike MDF Fish Wood Shape
Rudd MDF Fish Wood Shape 
Ruffe MDF Fish Wood Shape
Salmon MDF Fish Wood Shape
Tench MDF Fish Wood Shape
Stickleback MDF Fish Wood Shape
Zander MDF Fish Wood Shape

When I saw all these amazing fishes I knew I had to create album about underwater world. Perversely, you can see here underwater meadow. Yeah, their world is full of flowers.

'Plants' are made from pieces of fabric, lace, cardboard and dry grass.  I dyed white fabric and lace by coffee and tea, so it has more vintage look.

The fishes are perfect, so I did nothing with them. They just have this great look :)

 Hope that you like this little underwater world!

 Have a great day!


  1. It`s so interesting and amazing!!!

  2. beautiful journal. i love the softness and texture the fabric adds to it z

  3. What a brilliant Mixed Media journal!! I absolutely love the way you have played with the Craft Parts in combination with the fabrics and other textures. Stunning!!

  4. Oh wow! You know I always love your handmade books, Kasia, and this one is amazing - so full of texture, and with a really fabulous wild natural look - perfect for all those fish, just appearing amidst the textures. Wonderful!
    Alison x

  5. Great Art Book with well composed cover and pages. Fantastic mix of materials.