Saturday, 17 July 2021

Riding on a Bat! By Kat

I have always been interested in fairies, pixies, witches and fairy folk and had many books on the subject as a child. Some were hand me downs from older family members, some I bought with my pocket money from car boot fairs and jumble sales. One of the many images I used to love, and still do is the little fairy riding on a bat by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. As a child my house was right by a river and on warm sunny evenings we often used to get bats swooping gracefully in our garden as they chased insects. I used to lie on the grass watching them imagining I was that fairy going for a ride! 

So using Calico Craft Parts mdf shapes here is my version of the same fairy and even though she is now older, like myself, she is still enjoying riding on a bat! 

Firstly I painted all my mdf shapes with white matt paint, I find this gives it a good base before adding coloured paints. Once dry I used water colour paints. To add some sparkle to my fairy's dress I added some gold acrylic paint. 

I then painted a simple river scene onto the circular mixed media board. I was planning on using a larger moon at first but then to my delight found one of Calico Craft Parts mini circles was a perfect size to use! So I painted this with matt white paint. 

Once the paint had dried I arranging my bullrushes until I was happy with their position. I then glued them into place. 

I then did the same with my moon, bats and fairy, positioning and gluing them into place. To add colour to the moon and bats I used some distressed crayons. 

To finish off the whole scene I added a little cardboard wording quote. 
The string ribbon is a length of gardening hemp. 

Well I hope you enjoyed another 'Kat Make'. Please contact me if you have any questions and of course if you like it let me know. It's always nice to hear from you. 
Until next time,
Kat 😊

MDF shapes used. 

Round MDF Shape

Flying Bat Colony

Art Nouveau Figurine

Mini Circle Shapes

Bulrush Grass Shape


  1. Absolutely amazing. Fantastic tutorial.

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. It's lovely to get positive feedback. Much appreciated.