Thursday, 22 April 2021

Wish We Were Here/ by Liz Marsden

 Hi guys, I'm here again for

Calico Craft Parts with my second GDT spot for this month,

This time I couldn't resist this awesome MDF boat, it comes in a few sizes with or with out a shelf too,

As you can see I chose with out, after taking the pieces out, I glued them together, when set I then painted it inside and out with some white Gesso, leave aside  to dry,


Meanwhile take the section of the left over MDF and draw around the shape onto a piece of card,  here I drew around the outer edge, but I should have drawn around the inner, so do that, he he

You should have a shape like this, then fussy cut it out,

Next score some lines along the length of the boat shape, here I went every 1cm,
but you could do less or more if you wish, this balanced nicely though,

Fold them on the crease lines so the edges are pronounced,

Take an ink pad and holding it lightly go down the length of the scored lines so the ink catches onto the card here and there,

Then go over the same way with another colour of Ink pad, this time I used an oxide ink pad and it did  spread a little easier, to finish it off I lightly swiped here and there with this ink too,
Hopefully you get a worn wood look to the card,
(I got the idea for this off Tracy off the intenet who has fabulous tutorials and ideas), 

Now for the next fun bit, here I used the Calico craft parts mini Seagulls and Mini Nautical style 2 wood shapes, these I applied white gesso as before then when dry I went over with some Texture paste, love this stuff, it gives feather effect to the birds and a rusted effect to the anchors,

For the Anchors when dry I then went over with some wax in Old Silver, you can see another mini piece from the sets which I gave the wax treatment too to,
Going back to the boat I painted the whole boat with a light greyish blue to keep in with the colour theme,

So fun part 3!!

I glued the piece of card I had created to look like worn wood to the base of my boat, 
I decided to make my boat part of a scene, this could have been created as a stand alone scene which would look just as fabulous or as I decided to do in a exploding box so it can be given as a gift,

I made the base of my scene, with watercolour card stock, which I painted with yellows and beiges for the sand, and a couple of blues and greens for the sea, when dry I glued this in place on my box,

Next I built up around it, by gluing one of the Anchors in front of the boat, a log effect piece I have in my stash to one side onto which I added the finished seagull which I painted over with a little yellow acrylic paint for it's beak and white for the feathers, some shells and other bits, then I added some mini Art Stones to finish it off,

Now for the rest of the box, I downloaded some digi print papers and glued them in place, these kept to the seaside theme,

On the back piece I glued some more of the seagulls, looking like the're flying around the coast line looking for fish, (not a chip in sight) Lol

I created a tag out of  the papers and simply added the oars and a shipswheel on the bottom, I kept this just coloured in the white gesso so the natural wood bits showed through, again for a weathered look, they would look fab coloured in bright colours too if that's more your thing!!

Here you can see the Binnoculars I had coloured with the wax in the previous picture, I painted the beach hut in light colours again going for a weathered look, and added one of the adorable little Anchors to the top!!

I love this compass styled one, which I painted with colour then went over with white to soften it, it went brilliant with the background images,

So of course a box has to have a lid!! so I used the same papers for this as inside just using the wood look ones,

Creating another tiny scene of the top, Again using one of the fantastic Anchors, another piece of my wood embellishment, shells and mini art stones, and another of the Calico Craft Parts compass but this time I left that in its natural colour to give a little pop to the neautral colours of the others,

Well I hope this has inspired you , do check out all the fabulous products Calico Craft Parts sell,

Now for some exciting news!!
I have been asked to be a full time member of the design team for
Calico Craft Parts,
 so watch this space for more projects from me, Lol

Calico Craft Parts used:

Check out the fabulous projects on the Calico Craft Parts Blog

Happy Crafting!!

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Coffee Sign by Kerstin


 Welcome creative friends!


 I was inspired to create a coffee wooden sign as masculine gift idea 

and inspiration,

 maybe for the coffee kitchen in the office

 or as a Thank You gift for a helpful friend.

In monochrome colour scheme, with texture (crackle effects)

 origin coffee powder for a good aroma

 and I also try out the Rusty Bronze powder with the suitable Rust Reagenz (13@rts),

 I must say very exiting!! 


 I used the paper 'Paint your life' from the 13arts 'Yound and Free' collection

 as background. 

Together with some faux rust techniques a great suitable

 grunge background for my wooden sign.


some close up's


Plain ATC Wood Blank with Steampipe Clock Frame

used as image frame and painted with silver acrylic paint 


3 different sizes of cups glued on top of each other,

colored with white and black acrylic paint,

stamped with crackle texture,

highlighted with silver wax,

 saucer of the smallest cup was cut off and glued back on with 3D effect

origin coffee powder used as paint and texture

used Calico Craft Parts

Plain ATC Wood Blank with Steampipe Clock Frame

 Teacup & Saucer - MDF Mixed Media Board

(3 various sizes )

Pipework Maze MDF Craft Parts

Vintage Biplane MDF Wood Shape Style 1

MDF Wood Cog - Style 1

Swirly Curly Flourish


I hope I could inspire you! 

Have fun realizing your own 

visions and ideas!


Thanks for your visit!


Thursday, 8 April 2021

A Touch Of Steampunk by Liz Marsden

 Hi Guys, I'm here with a post today as Guest for

Calico Craft Parts

for this month, I wish to thank Louise the blog co-ordinator for the honour,

I have always admired Steampunk but never had the nerve to try it for myself, well looking at the fabulous MDF products on the Steampunk  theme that Calico Craft Parts have in store I couldn't resist,

I created a hat for the MDF embellishments along with some items from my stash,

So here is the unadorned hat which I have coloured with some waxes,

I then started to decorate this,

These are how they come to you with plenty of scope for you to play/work with, lol

So after carefully removing the pieces I needed for my project I added some of the waxes I'd used on my hat,

I also decided to add another colour of the wax too, simply adding bits of the coloured wax here and there,  blending them in with my finger,

I love this MDF piece, which is  listed below and as you can see I added some small clock hands from my stash to the design, again keeping in the colours, Total fluke I happened to have these (lol) but of course I could have used the waxes over instead,

When completely set I then hot glued some chain on the back,

I then glued this to the right hand side of my steampunk hat,

Meanwhile while this dried, I glued some tiny clock cogs in metal onto the hat along with a slightly larger metal cog and one of the MDF ones, this made a firm base for the Air balloon and the other end of the chain glued behind in the same way as before to attach too,

I also added a MDF piece on the brim of the front of the hat, which I had coloured with the waxes as before, I then added some of the same colour here and there to the hat,

I Loved the finished hat but I stll had lots of Steampunk themed pieces left, so I decided to create an exploding box for the hat to sit in,

I simply created the box to be a little wider and a little taller then the hat so it fit onto the centre part, It could be glued down however I haven't done so, so it can be removed if wanted,

After adding some steampunk themed paper I created some tags using Steampunk themed images to tie it all in,

Again my pieces were coloured in the waxes and I also added a metal cog here too,

Here I simply used various sizes of the cogs, keeping some in their original colour for contrast,

Here as well as the cogs I added the lovely little pipe still in it's original colour too,

Then lastly the fabulous Glasses and and another awesome time piece from the mini set style 3,

For the lid of the exploding box I used more Images off the Mini style style 3 set, using the same colours as inside,

Calico Craft Parts used:

I will be back later this month with another project for 
Calico Craft Parts to share with you,

Do check out the awesome products they have for you to play with!!

Happy Crafting,
Hugs Liz x

Saturday, 3 April 2021

Happy Easter!


 Hello creative friends!


Today a very quick and simple gift idea for your home decoration. 

It isn't always necessary to elaborately process or paint the MDF shapes, right?!


You can also just use them as decoration, they appear in a plain wood look, 

and the engraved laser lines bring out amazing details.



1.  a small wooden box was filled with floral foam and moss


Alert Rabbit

 Flowering Vine - Decorative Flourish Style 27

 Wildflowers in Grass 


a few small artificial flowers, or even things you brought back

 from your spring walk, complete the whole thing 




2. a blown out decorated goose egg as a small flower vase


Cross with Lillies - MDF Wood Shape Style 17

Running Hare

Oval Shape - MDF Mixed Media Board as base

 that is quickly glued together



I wish you a very Happy Easter

  with many colourful eggs

 in the green grass or perhaps still in the snow.