Monday, 20 February 2017

HOOOWWWL!!!! by Claudia

It's spooky time! 

It's full moon! Werwolves haunt the forests and their animal friends join in the gathering. Under the pale light of a cold moon they all unite to sing their sad and melancholic wolves chant...

Calico Craft Parts used:

When I saw the amazing new Wolf Wood Shapes over at the Calico Craft Parts Shop I immediately knew I wanted to create a spooky scene with wolves (maybe werwolves?) howling under a full moon.  

The largest size of the Winter Tree Scene fit perfectly into a 6'' x 8'' canvas I had in my stash - so this made the perfect base for my werwolf shadow box. 

As I didn't need two full moons in my project I simply snipped off the larger moon using cutting pliers and a bit of sanding paper.

Then I covered the back of the canvas with scraps of old dicionary pages using DecoArt matte Decou-Page. I also sealed the surface of the glued on pages with a slightly diluted coat of Decou-Page.

Next I painted my moon lit forest background by adding DecoArt media Yellow Green Light, Cobalt Teal Hue and Titan Buff fluid acrylic paints wet on wet with a bristle brush. The bristles of the brush created short vertical patterns that look like forest covered hills in the far back.

Once all was dry I painted on the white moon with DecoArt media Titanium White fluid acrylic paint after I had found the right spot by putting the wood shape in place and tracing it with a soft pencil.

The wolf and forest MDF shapes were dry brushed with DecoArt media black Gesso so none of the beautiful structures would get lost. 

I used some heavy black cardstock to cut out some hill shapes to glue the two MDF wolf and winter tree scenes to. 

All the black parts for my scene got a wash of a mix of DecoArt media Phtalo Green-Blue, Prussian Blue Hue and Paynes Grey. 

Once that had dried I dry brushed the pieces with white DecoArt media Gesso to make all the beautiful inner structures of the MDF parts visible.

And after they had dried I added another thin wash of Phtalo Green-Blue and Prussian Blue Hue on top.

I stacked some sticky foam pads to build my scene inside the canvas and create a lot of depth. The large wolve's head was glued directly to the canvas frame using matte Decou-Page. 

The outer edge of the canvas was covered with some washi tape that I added a coat of matte Decou-Page onto so it would not come off.

Using a wide tip black permanent marker I wrote my "HOOOWWWL" and shaded the letters with a white gel pen. I also drew thin white outlines around the inner and the outer edge of the canvas frame for better visual coherence.

On top of the writing and outlines I added another very thin wash of Phtalo Green-Blue and Prussian Blue Hue.

Some close ups:

and once more the whole project in its final state:

I hope you like my little spooky werwolf canvas and maybe you will want to use the background technique for loosely painting a forest background on your own projects. So as always I hope you leave inspired and of course with the extreme urge of desperately neeeeeding those wonderful MDF wood parts. ;)

Hugs and happy crafting!

Friday, 17 February 2017

Broken by Lesley

Hey everyone. Lesley here with a slightly personal piece this week.

You may have noticed that i have a love for dolls. Especially the old vintage type. I love their faces.......i always feel they have a story to tell.

The dolls head i have used for this project definitely has a story to tells me how broken you can feel sometimes in life.

Because the dolls head was broken, she needed to be protected, so i used one of the ATB cube kits with the arch face.

I started off with painting the cube with gesso. And then splodging on some umber coloured paint. The edges were all done with black paint.

Using a white paint pen, i scribbled broken all over the sides.

The face was painted white, then a layer of crackle glaze was added. And then black paint rubbed into the cracks.

I love the look the crackle has produced......makes her looks even more sadder and broken!

Two of the mini wings were added to side of the arch.

I mounted the head onto an old building block. Covered it in paper tape and soldered all the edges.
I then added a mini plaque and stamped the word 'broken' onto it.

The cube looked kinda lost on its own, so i mounted it onto a chunky piece of old wood. On the top of the wood, i added some white and grey paint and a layer of crackle glaze.

Thanks so much for reading.


Ingredients used

ATB Cube kit with arch
Mini MDF wood wings, style 4
Mini MDF notched rectangle shape

Monday, 13 February 2017

Owl ATC Box - Julie Ann

Hello! It's great to be back again on the Calico Craft Parts blog. It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and although my project has a romantic theme, it's not traditional - there's a complete absence of hearts or flowers, I'm afraid! This little project grew out of my love for owls and the need to find a special box for ATCs, but in view of tomorrow's date we could imagine it containing love letters! Please meet Ava, the Elf Owl. She does look a little dreamy: maybe she is contemplating her fiance, a handsome barn owl. Perhaps it's his love letters that the box contains!

Where did the idea for Ava come from? I once lived in Sussex and one of the most beautiful sights I recall from an evening walk was a barn owl sweeping overhead, his wings illuminated in the moonlight. Since then I've been fascinated by owls and the many species still extant. I returned from a walk the other day and sketched Ava on a page from a vintage natural history book, using water-colour pencils and fine line pens.

After scanning her into my computer, I played around with re-sizing her and experimenting with adding her head to different bodies. It seemed to me there was something romantically Renaissance about Ava, the Owl, so I combined her body with a Renaissance lady. For background, I used a master-board that I had brayered, stamped and stencilled onto.

The small Book Box Kit was the perfect size for ATCs. After positioning Ava's head, I wondered if maybe she is adjusting her feathers so that she will look particularly attractive for her beau!

These box kits are easy to assemble. They are designed with a tab, which fits through the little hole seen here on the left. As I wanted to use one of the decorative key-holes and copper wire to secure my lid, I cut off the tab and sanded down the edge, drilling a little hole in one of the side panels with my Dremel.

With a little gilding paste and some pearls, the MDF escutcheon looks quite effective.

Tiny hinges and a word band given a touch of a copper toned gilding paste and darkened with a little archival ink, help to give Ava's romantic box an aged look.

Attaching the master-board to a plain wood ATC gives dimension to the book cover.

Painting with a brick red Acrylic, a layer of a Crackle Glaze and a neutral top coat, finished off with a touch of archival ink and some gilding paste add to the antique look.

In the next 2 weeks I plan to create some more owl themed ATCs to fit into the box.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. When we next meet I hope to open Ava's tiny casket and share a couple of her ATCs with you.

Calico Craft Parts used in this Project

Saturday, 11 February 2017

In The Woods by Guest Designer Lynne


I am thrilled to be making an appearance on the Calico Craft Parts Blog for the month of February, as a Guest Designer.

To receive the invitation to be a Guest Designer was so exciting as I know Calico Craft Parts are excellent products.  When it came to selecting the products I would be working with, I have to say there is such a fabulous array of designs, there really is something for everyone but it also makes it a difficult choice because something new would continually catch my eye!

As a Guest Designer, I will be sharing two projects.  My first project found me playing with an idea, almost a vignette, which has been reverberating in my head of late.

The scene is of a woodland garden on the grounds of a stately home, where, with residents having long moved on, this once grand home, has become derelict.  Take a wander, the paths leading to overgrown areas where the air is dank and nature competes with each other. Intertwined, the flora no longer individually identifiable, as it merges into one mass, winding its way around anything which stands in its path,  The place abounds with signs of faded grandeur, most evident in the statues where now, the wildflowers entwine, clinging to the once alabaster skin which has since become mottled by time and elements. Yet, despite the air of neglect, a new beauty is evident in the textures created by weathering and Father Time,

An Arch MDF shrine becomes the setting for this vignette, possibly a place, in the midst of time, where the residents of the stately home seeked solitude, a place to retreat with only nature as their companion.

The mdf so easily transforms.  Applications of Gesso, a texture paste and stains, allowing me to aim for what I can only describe as a mottled, mouldy, almost fungi appearance,

which I also brought to the various mdf woodland style flower shapes.

Working with those shapes was a first for me and I was astonished at the detailing on them.  They really are a sight to behold!  What is also an appealing factor, it is so easy to snip into the flowers, allowing the freedom to tailor them to your needs.

This detail photograph shows where I snipped pieces from the Maidenhair Fern, allowing me to place them on the "statue", giving the sense of the plant entwining the statue.

Even with the application of Gesso and stains, the detail on the mdf elements is still so clearly defined and

the way the mdf actually gives the sense that the wildflowers are climbing, clamouring and winding their, almost sinuous way around the statue and shrine, it is quite lovely and heightens the atmosphere.

The floor of the woodland area is a mass of smaller wildflowers, having only begun their journey of ascent towards the statue.

Thank you to Helen, Louise and the Calico Craft Parts DT for inviting me to share this Guest Designer project with you today.

Let me now share the Calico Craft Parts I worked with on this project.

Calico Craft Parts Used Today:

Arch MDF Shrine Kit - Style 2
Thistle Flower Branch MDF Wood Shape Style 1 - Medium
MaidenHair Fern MDF Wood Shape Style 2 - Medium
Wildrose Vine - Flora and Fauna Flourish Style 1 - Small and Medium

I look forward to returning later in the month with my second project, in the meantime, many thanks for taking the time to visit this post, it is greatly appreciated.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Gibson Glamour! By Jennie

Hello and welcome to my first ever art doll ....

Ever since the kit arrived it has been calling me and so I couldn't resist it any more! However I was really unsure what I was going to do so I just went with the flow!

All the pieces got a coat of DecoArt Raw Sienna Acrylic Paint. DecoArt Buff worked very well for a skin tone and I had to sneak some black paint from my husband's paint box for the boots!

I then painted a thin layer of DecoArt Crackle Paint over the brown and waited for the magic to happen.

I knew I wouldn't be able to paint a face so used this Gibson girl stamp which fitted the head perfectly!

I cut a small piece from a larger steampunk floral corner for a bit of dress decoration.

Her skirt is made of different layers of muslin, netting and lace - a bit transparent!
I made a full net skirt first and then added strips of muslin and lace.
A wide piece of lace covers all the messy bits at the waist and I added some tiny pieces of lace as cuffs.

I couldn't resist the large flower!

I love her! and creating her was so much fun!
She might have to have a friend soon ....

Thank you for joining me today.

Jennie x

Live the Dream

Calico Craft Parts Used: