Thursday, 8 April 2021

A Touch Of Steampunk by Liz Marsden

 Hi Guys, I'm here with a post today as Guest for

Calico Craft Parts

for this month, I wish to thank Louise the blog co-ordinator for the honour,

I have always admired Steampunk but never had the nerve to try it for myself, well looking at the fabulous MDF products on the Steampunk  theme that Calico Craft Parts have in store I couldn't resist,

I created a hat for the MDF embellishments along with some items from my stash,

So here is the unadorned hat which I have coloured with some waxes,

I then started to decorate this,

These are how they come to you with plenty of scope for you to play/work with, lol

So after carefully removing the pieces I needed for my project I added some of the waxes I'd used on my hat,

I also decided to add another colour of the wax too, simply adding bits of the coloured wax here and there,  blending them in with my finger,

I love this MDF piece, which is  listed below and as you can see I added some small clock hands from my stash to the design, again keeping in the colours, Total fluke I happened to have these (lol) but of course I could have used the waxes over instead,

When completely set I then hot glued some chain on the back,

I then glued this to the right hand side of my steampunk hat,

Meanwhile while this dried, I glued some tiny clock cogs in metal onto the hat along with a slightly larger metal cog and one of the MDF ones, this made a firm base for the Air balloon and the other end of the chain glued behind in the same way as before to attach too,

I also added a MDF piece on the brim of the front of the hat, which I had coloured with the waxes as before, I then added some of the same colour here and there to the hat,

I Loved the finished hat but I stll had lots of Steampunk themed pieces left, so I decided to create an exploding box for the hat to sit in,

I simply created the box to be a little wider and a little taller then the hat so it fit onto the centre part, It could be glued down however I haven't done so, so it can be removed if wanted,

After adding some steampunk themed paper I created some tags using Steampunk themed images to tie it all in,

Again my pieces were coloured in the waxes and I also added a metal cog here too,

Here I simply used various sizes of the cogs, keeping some in their original colour for contrast,

Here as well as the cogs I added the lovely little pipe still in it's original colour too,

Then lastly the fabulous Glasses and and another awesome time piece from the mini set style 3,

For the lid of the exploding box I used more Images off the Mini style style 3 set, using the same colours as inside,

Calico Craft Parts used:

I will be back later this month with another project for 
Calico Craft Parts to share with you,

Do check out the awesome products they have for you to play with!!

Happy Crafting,
Hugs Liz x