Monday, 13 July 2020

Summer Garden by Jannet

A quiet Summer spent at home, is my inspiration for my little project today.

I began by making my base, with some book pages which I had left over from a previous project.  For the  first layer I used almost the full size page, for the next layer I tore the length a little shorter and the final piece a little shorter again. I glued them down so I ended up with a slightly stepped base.

I painted the house before assembling it. A heart made a perfect door to my summer house and a little bead became its handle. I adhered it along with the windows to the front of the house. I had kept some raffia which came wrapped around a bunch of  flowers, which was useful to cut into strips to adorn the roof. I outlined the house with some art stones. I adhered the house to the base, and used pressed rose petals to make a path to the door, so visitors would be welcomed with the scent of gorgeous roses. 

After painting the tree, I added some moss to the branches to represent the leaves. Using a craft knife I cut a slit into the book pages for my tree to nestle in with some glue. I added some tiny dried flowers around the base of the tree, and also around the house. 

For summer garden days you definitely need a deck chair to sit out in, so I painted two chairs with acrylic paints. I used a pokey tool to make small holes in the book pages for the chairs to stand in with some glue to hold them in place. I adhered a row of little flowers along the back of the garden.

I may add some additional features to my garden later, but for now it is a peaceful, tranquil garden to sit in and relax. 

This could be a fun project to make with children this summer. You could replicate your own garden or create a garden of your dreams, there are lots of Calico Craft parts to choose from in all different styles and sizes. 

Stay safe xx

Calico Craft Parts used


  1. Ooh this is a wonderful place to be! So beautiful, peaceful and looks like it smells gorgeous too with the rose petal path. A stunning project! Take care and stay safe! xxx

  2. What a lovely place to live in, Jannet! I wonder whose house and garden it is... ;)
    Claudia xx