Saturday, 25 July 2020

Shadow frame - Create your own idea by Kerstin

Hello creative friends!

Today a new inspiration for you,
it's a under the sea fantasy inspired shadow frame in mixed media style.

side view

 Tips & Tricks

 Most important thing in being creative is to find an idea and have fun and joy in the process and maybe afterwards to be proud and happy to put the project on the shelf or to give it to someone who appreciates it. Today I would like to show you how I found the idea.

Everyone of us has topics and stories that are close to his heart,
and I like to tell fantastic underwater stories. 

So I looked in Aquatic & Marine Wood Shapes,
here I found a lot of fabulous coral, sea creatures and
in the Nautical & Seaside Wood Shapes section anchors and ships.

I found a very big coral

Coral - MDF Wood Shape Style 8

 actually too big for my project, but I thought you can easily cut them into pieces and so I made a coral 5 pieces 

which I used as hanging seaweed.

At the moment I'm also burning for working with moulds, I love these three-dimensional effects and like to combine them with the flat calico parts. Here I used a silicone mould, it's a door, where I only used the outer frame as pillar gate.

Now a simly plastic frame with a corrugated cardboard behind, I imagine what could be there. On top of that an old sailing ship that has dropped anchor, a little mermaid, a jellyfish passing by, a ray and a sea fan coral, thats my main elements.

... and the idea was born!

some close up's

Mermaid MDF Wood Shape - Style 1

  diluted Antiquing Cream 'Titanium White' as basic, some splashes and stains with Chalkboard Glimmer Mist 'Evergreen' (Tattered Angels), I added some mini artstones on the tail and highlighted hair and tail with 'Dark Patina' metallic acrylic paint (DecoArt)

firstly crackle medium 'Weathered Wood' as base for the sails, a thicker layer of white acrylic paint on top, blach acrylic paint  for the hull, poles and flags as contrast  and finally some brush strokes with Chalkboard Glimmer Mist 'Evergreen' (Tattered Angels)

 diluted Antiquing Cream 'Titanium White' as basic, some brush strokes with Chalkboard Glimmer Mist 'Evergreen' (Tattered Angels) and with 'Dark Patina' metallic acrylic paint (DecoArt) onto some places
finally some Mini Artstones with Heavy gel medium

 crackle medium 'Weathered Wood', white acrylic paint (DecoArt) and
 Chalkboard Glimmer Mist 'Evergreen' (Tattered Angels)

 shadow effect

Calico Craft Parts used:

Thanks for your visit!
Happy crafting summer time!


  1. I always love your story telling, Kerstin,
    and this fabulous piece is no exception! Another glorious galleon boat and the underwater scenery is absolutely magical! You really rock those moulds and also manage to combine them so smoothly with the lovely Craft Parts! Love love love!

    Claudia xxx

    1. Thanks so much dear Claudia, yes I love this combination between flat shapes and elements with 3D effect. Hugs, K. xxx