Monday, 13 January 2020

Matryoshka Storage Door Hanging by Julie Ann

Hello and Welcome to Calico Craft Parts Blog. Today in my first project for January, I've created a piece of storage that could stand on the art room table or hang from a hook.

Ever since I was a little girl I've seen figures and faces in shapes and as soon as I saw the new Door Hanger Box Kits at Calico they just said Matryoshka doll to me!

These box kits can be hooked over a door handle and I did fix the face on with a brad, making  my little Russian Baboshka's head movable...

but the temptation to give her a lacy head-scarf was too great. Without that detail, though, you could have three possibilities: table, hook or door.

I decorated my doll with a combination of Washi tapes, napkin tissues and stencils.

The golden accents reminded me of the sunlight glittering on the Moscow cupolas  against the blue December skies when I visited Russia back in 1987!

Instead of a collection of nesting dolls, my Matryoshka will be storing brushes.

And here she is among some Calico Craft Parts friends in my studio.

Thank you for dropping by today and Happy Crafting in 2020!

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