Saturday 24 August 2019

Romantic lighthouse by Kerstin


Today I would like to share a very special inspiration -  a lighthouse not only to customise yourself, but also to assemble yourself. You can paint and decorate it to match your home furnishings. You can use it as table decoration and when adding some lighting it also becomes an atmospheric evening light on every balcony or terrace.

You can find the Assembly instructions here


The kit comes as 3 flat pieces, on the plate with the balustrades
 are also spare parts, so please don't get confused.

Used materials

Engraved Lighthouse model

And of course a selection of small maritime parts from Calico Craft Parts


first of all I built the tower without balustrades
 and covered the side panels with a crackle medium

then I assembled the balustrades; there are overall 18 pieces (3 x 6)
 the longest go on the lowest floor and the shortest on the top floor

There are two parts which are simply plugged together.
I also covered all these pieces with crackle medium and after drying with white acrylic paint

My lighthouse needed a proper entrance gate
 so I built a door frame out of some leftovers from the plate.

Afterwards the whole lighthouse was painted with a chalk colour.
I chose 'Vintage' Chalky Finish from Americana Decor.

Finally I added the balustrades with two pillars each.



I was inspired to illuminate the lighthouse so all I did was only take off the top to insert a battery operated tealight. For greater stability I have additionally wrapped the upper part with thin jewellery wire.

And now the decorating began :-)

I recommend the Mini sheets or very small parts, but of course everyone you are free to use whatever pleases you most. 
In the shop you will find a rich selection for each taste and liking.

Some close up's

I hope I could inspire you to try your very own illuminated lighthouse.
I'm very inspired myself and plan to create another tower in Autumn/ Halloween look, 
Let's see if I can realize my imagination.

Wooden shapes used:

Thanks for your visit!

Happy crafting!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Kerstin - this is a joy!
    Alison x

  2. So beautifully put together, Kerstin,

    and your idea with the lighting is just genius! Love love love this amazing piece of home decoration art you have created! Your choice of colours and little add on craft shapes is just perfect and it all looks so natural and magical at the same time! Wow!

    Claudia xxx

  3. Kerstin, this is superb! I loved reading your post and following your process and the lighthouse - both illuminated and without illumination - is a most beautiful object. I agree with Claudia that this is a truly magical project. xxx