Sunday 25 August 2019

Summer Storage - by Julie Ann

I don't know about you, but as time goes by, I seem to acquire a variety of art materials I need to grab for those odd moments when there's just time to do a lightning sketch. Calico Craft Parts have proved invaluable when it comes to desk storage  you can assemble in no time. Not only are their storage boxes brilliant for ensuring tiny bits and pieces don't go astray, but their ATC display and storage boxes are great for storing pencils and pastels too.

Here is a little peek at my desk with its array of Calico Storage - left to right: tag/ATC storage box; stack of cube storage boxes and tag/ATC display box, which I use for my charcoal sticks. I love to work on altering these little boxes so that they can sit on my desk and tell me their stories as I work.

For this project, I assembled my box first. If you are planning to use the box for storing ATCs,  you might want to decorate the inside of your box. You can do this before constructing it and sticking the whole piece together.

With my charcoal box, I painted the interior with black gesso, but as this piece was going to store some of my pastels and pencils, I decided to keep the natural wood for the inside. I am loving this contrast with the decorated exterior.

The box is so solid - and how neatly and easily the pieces fit together.

With all the compartments firmly in place and the glue dry, I found this beautiful, blue and white napkin tissue for the side panels. I use a fluid matt medium as an adhesive.

For a quick and easy 'Shabby Chic' look, I painted the front panel with white gesso, stamped this with a script stamp and sponged the edges with the same silvery grey pigment ink.

The finishing touch was provided with this little label holder.

Now it was time for some imaginative fun. I used an old school photo of my daughter for reference and using acrylic inks, water colour pencils and some more napkin tissue turned her into a fairy tale heroine.

Roses have always been Matilda's favourite flower and 'Beauty and the Beast' her best loved fairy tale.

Re-discovering the tale as an adult, I fell under its spell all over again too. There is something so compelling about the discovery on a stormy night of the magic and mystery of the Beast's garden and castle tended by its invisible servants. Beauty is such a strong and courageous heroine too as she learns to love the Beast for himself rather than for his outward appearance.

Even the roses in the Beast's garden need the visiting honey bees.Ultimately Nature is undoubtedly the most magical force we will ever encounter.

Thank you so much for stopping by my studio today and taking a peek at Calico Craft Parts handy storage. I wish you sweet scented creative days until we meet again.

Calico Craft Parts used in this Project
MDF ATC/Tag Storage
Sheet of Mini MDF Bees and Bee Hives
Sheet of Mini Label Holders
Flowering Dogwood Sprig

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