Saturday 2 February 2019

Book box reimagined... by Zuzu

Last time I was here, I shared the start of a BOOK BOX... I had done the cover and was going to tackle the inside for this week.
Change of plan. I wasn’t overly excited by the look of the cover so I gave it a complete new look. I Went a bit more “mixed media” on it.

What really impressed me was, that despite the fact it now has a couple of layers of gesso, several layers of paint and gilding wax, the Steampunk Clockwork Gear embellishments, still have a lot of definition in them.

The book box stood up to a lot of punishment from me and my paints, sprays and water misters.

So here’s the new look and a wee look at what I put inside.
Thanks for visiting.
Z x


  1. Wow! Your designs are amazing!

  2. Jaw-droppingly brilliant, inside and out!
    Alison x

  3. Cool stuff, Louise! Inside as well as outside! wow!
    Claudia x

  4. Wow! Louise this is just stunning! I love all the texture and the look inside and out is terrific.I love the paint effects on the cover and how those steam punk elements still stand out so brilliantly. This is an inspiration!

  5. Wow Louise, this is amazing!!! Fabulous background with many layers and textures!!! Love your inside design!