Saturday 9 February 2019

A special gift box with Tips & Trick's by Kerstin


The ATB Cube Kit was still on my crafting table and I wanted to make a cube, 
but didn't quite know what I should be presenting inside.  
Then I had a sparkling idea - why not combine both?!

 Tips & Tricks

 I was looking for a sturdy mount for the steampunk heart and after drilling a hole in the middle, I used the snowflake as a stand.
 Firstly I used a fine silver embossing powder for the heart (only in some spots) 
then I coloured it with three classical rust paints
 ( Raw umber, Quinacridone Gold, Raw Sienna) from DecoArt.
I dried the acrylic paints with the hot air gun until it began to form bubbles.
I love this effect, because its end result looks like true rust.

The background of the cube was created using a mixture of old book pages and decoupage paper (Silver basics) from DecoArt.  

I have built a simple cardboard door on the front, so the gift inside doesn't fall out of the box and is also protected from prying eyes. The door was painted with silver acrylic paint and then embossed with a folder. I added some small die-cut lettering to it and the special gift box was finished. 

 some close up's

 left side

 right side

front side

Calico Craft Parts used:
 Snowflake ornament
(please inquire personally in the Calico Craft Parts shop)

 front side
Steampunk heart

Top view

I hope, I could inspire you to think out of the box as well.

The heart comes from a whole collection of new awesome 

Thanks for your visit !
Kerstin xo


  1. Wow, Kerstin, you have indeed encouraged me to 'think outside the box'! This is a great combo and a wonderful 'Steam-punk' creation. Who wouldn't be delighted to receive this rather than a conventional birthday card? xx

  2. What a treat to look at and follow the process, Kerstin!
    I loved seeing how you do the magic you always create and you just rock steampunk! Love love love!

    Claudia xxx

  3. Thank you very much Julie Ann and Claudia <3 <3 !!