Monday, 9 July 2018

Pipework Maze Desk Organiser - by Claudia

lol...when I uploaded this image to prepare this post, the following phrase hit my mind: "We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile." (Yes. you're guessing right - I have been a huge fan of Startrek - The Next Generation and Captain Jean Luc Piccard and the Borg back in the 90s...oh dear! Was this really that long ago?!!!)

Well, I should have added a LOT more of the pipework maze parts and used darker colours to really make it a Borg style project, but still...this could be the preliminary model of a Borg desk organiser...(I hope I will remember this idea!!! ...and to order at least three sheets of each of the Steampipe Maze Sheets and Add Ons to do something really Borg-ish).

Calico Craft Parts used: 

- Artist Trading Block Cube Kit - Square Aperture (large)
- Pipework Maze MDF Craft Parts (small)
- Pipework Maze Add On Sheet - Valves and Taps (small)
- Pipework Maze Add On Sheet - Pipes (small)

The cool thing about the ATB cube and these sheets is that the large Artist Trading Block Cube and the small Pipework maze parts go together just perfectly! Also the valves and taps help cover up spots where there are little gaps - so you gain a bit more flexibility when building your pipework maze across the whole cube.

I used matte DecoArt Decou-Page to assemble my cube and to glue the pipes in place. Before I started gluing on the pieces I played around with the pipes for quite a long time. Then I started with the pipes around the opening edge of the cube and moved on to the sides and around the cube from there. 

You will need a lot of the smallest angle pieces from the Pipework Maze Craft Parts sheet. Don't make this rocket science - you can always "cheat" by using a tap or valve piece to cover a spot where the parts do not meet properly. Be playful and have fun!

Here's a detail shot showing how I connected the cube's even works if one of the pipes protrudes a little (but not farther than the MDF's thickness). Simply glue the pipe that continues the maze behind this "overlap".

Some pictures of the process...working my way round the whole cube...

Once all parts were glued in place and the Decou-Page had dried, I painted the outside with DecoArt Bronze Dazzling Metallics paint. I used a soft brush and made sure I worked the paint into all the bends and edges by stippling around and under the pipes, taps and valves.

Then I used DecoArt Americana black acrylic paint to dry brush the whole piece on the outside (for a more worn look and to make the edges of the pipes more visible) and to also paint the inside of the cube. 

The edges were darkened as well. 

Resistance is futile! 

I hope you like my pipework organiser! 

Thanks for stopping by and as always: 
hugs and happy crafting and happy holidays!



  1. Goodness me, yes, I remember those terrifying Borg episodes back in the '90s! Watching Star Trek, the New Generation was recreation from caring for our baby son and I loved how you could totally enter that Sci Fi world they created. This desk organiser is so creative too, like an object from another world! I love how you used the pipework. xx

    1. ;) Thank you, Julie Ann! Yes - watching Star Trek was my daily recreation after school (being on the teacher's side of the desk ;). I even recorded the episodes so I didn't miss a single one! lol I am a huge fan of Captain Jean Luc Piccard...and wasn't he just terrific as Lucutus from Borg? ;) xxx

  2. I love your 'pre Borg' desk organiser too Claudia and I remember being slightly enamored by the lovely Jean Luc Piccard... I am looking forward to seeing your full on Borg creation now!! xx

  3. Love your desk organised and the pipe work is a fantastic touch and the colours are wonderful . Great use of the parts ❤️❤️

  4. Very cool work with the plumbing! heeheee Seriously, well done!
    Jackie xo

  5. Thanks so much, Anne, Tracy and Jackie! Oh yes, "lovely Jean Luc Piccard"....sigh ;)
    Hugs, my dear friends! xxx