Thursday, 28 July 2016

More Colourful Houses!


My post on Saturday was about colourful houses... how you can create a (reasonably) simple creation just by gluing colourful backgrounds to the sides of the house. My post today goes a few steps further on.... :)

So... the colourful house has had a few additions!

I gave it windows and a shiny red door....

And I gave it a more complex roof by adding 'tiles'... circles punched from left over bits of painty background card!

The house was given wings, and placed onto a wooden base. Both of these were painted white, then covered with black stamped text.

The base was then glued to a small candlestick. As the house is now raised up off the ground, you need a ladder to reach it :)

More scrap bits of painty background!

So.... the simple house gets a major 3D makeover!

Hope you like it!
Trish xx

Calico Craft Parts used:

Wonky house (this is the large version)

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Blooming Flowers Canvas by Lesley

A colourful little number from me today......with absolutely no sign of any rust! Shocking!!

I started by priming my canvas with a coat of gesso. Using different shades of green watercolour paints, i randomly covered the canvas.

I applied texture paste through a stencil to the sides of the canvas and over parts of the front.
I then used crayons to add more colour and texture.

The stems of the flowers are actually parts from the steampunk pipework mdf set with the ends cut off. These and the minishields were coloured with crayons as well.

I added a coat of Decoart triple thick gloss to the top.

And finished off with black ink on the edges and some words.

Thanks for reading.


Pipework maze MDF
Mini wood shields, set 2
Mini wood shields, set 3
Mini wood shields, set 4

Monday, 25 July 2016

A Lucky Charm Princess Piglet For My Niece's Birthday by Claudia

In Austria and Germany pigs number among our lucky charms.

We give little bought or selfmade pigs (made from marzipan, printed on chocolate wrappings, cast with resin or crafted from other materials) alongside lucky clovers, horse shoes, chimney sweepers or toadstools to each other on New Year's Eve and they are meant to bring their new owners luck.

Sometimes in the country even real piglets are given as birthday gifts on special birthdays (all of which does not affect the fact that piglets also end up as roasted sucklings on such events at the same time ;).

My wonderful niece lately celebrated her ninth birthday and I decided to create this birthday card with a lucky charm pig for her (as I wish her tons of good luck, success and happy moments of course).

Calico Craft Parts used:

- Rounded Rectangle Greyboard Mixed Media Board - Style 18
- Piglet MDF Wood Shape - Style 7
- Stars - Mini Greyboard Shapes
- Mini MDF Wood Crowns - Style 3
- Mini MDF Label Holders Wood Shapes

Of course it had to be a piglet princess for a princess - so my piglet got a crown. (I guess the weight of the crown is quite exhausting to the piglet has fallen asleep).

I started with painting the piglet and mixed DecoArt media fluid acrylics "Transparent Red Iron Oxide" and "Titanium White" to create the flesh tone. The label holder and crown were given a coat of DecoArt "Venetian Gold" Dazzling Metallics.

While these were set aside to dry I painted the stars and the mixed media board using Decoart Americana "lemon zest" Satin and Americana "Sea Breeze" acrylic paint.

Then I applied a thin coat of DecoArt "Carbon Black" Antiquing Cream to the crown and label holder. Once that had dried I wiped most of it back using a damp cloth.

I stamped some wood grain texture onto the dried mixed media board using black archival ink.

The stars got a thin coat of DecoArt media Crackle Glaze and once that had dried naturally (do NOT dry with a heat tool!) I used Carbon Black Antiquing Cream to make the cracks visible.

The quote for the label holder was written by hand and glued in place using matte DecoArt Decou-Page. The edges of the panel were inked with black archival stamping ink using a piece of blending foam.  Decou-Page was then used again for fixing all the finished elements to the mixed media board.

And this is the finished birthday "card". The back was covered with heavy white printer paper and used to write our birthday wishes on.

My niece loved it and she also allowed me to share her birthday card with you so you can create your own! (Thank you, Rosi dear! Mwah! XXX)

I hope you have enjoyed your visit today and leave inspired! Thank you so much for stopping by! See you next time!

Hugs and happy crafting,

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Colourful houses: Part One! By Trish


I'm sharing the first part in a short series today... sharing ideas on how to decorate the fabulous new house shapes!

I've used the wide with wonky roof houses, in all 3 sizes!

I find it really helps to get an idea of the size of the houses, so I thought a picture may be of use..

That is a regular sized ink pad, so you can see that the large one isn't massive, and the small one not too teeny either!

To start with, I wanted to give all the houses some colour. Two ways really of doing this, either colour directly onto the houses, or stick on something coloured! I went with the latter this time :)

I created a couple of masterboard sheets, my usual painty messy backgrounds. It's an easy job to draw around the shapes of all the sides, then cut them out.

Lots of glue later, all the houses were covered! I went over the edges with a black ink pad, in order to finish off the white edges of the cut, white cardstock that was showing.

To finish off this first part, I added a die cut word to one of the houses.

Of course, this could be the point where you stop! I really like them so far, but I'm going to add some more extra details... so join me again on Thursday, and I'll show you what happens next!

Wonky Roof houses can be found HERE

Have a great weekend,
Trish xx

Monday, 18 July 2016

Delightful Discoveries - A House on the Move!

Hello! Julie Ann here back with another Monday project using Calico Craft Parts. You may know already how much I love stories and fairy-tales. This week I created a fantasy cottage from one of the new Calico MDF block style house kits. Let's fly away to lands we've only heard about in fairy-tales in 'The House of Delightful Discoveries'.

What I love about Calico MDF kits is that they look so effective without a great deal of painting. For this project, I used a face from a collection of my drawings I have scanned, along with some little hand-drawn hands. I added colour with water-colour pencils and enhanced the drawing with pencil shading and black pen. After spraying with fixative, I attached faces to the back and front of the house with some Matte Medium and just touched the edges with some light green acrylic paint. The walls are craft tissue stuck straight onto the MDF with matte medium and sealed with fluid matte medium. I simply stamped the roof with a ticket stamp using black ink. I really liked the effect this created of a little wooden house rather like one we might see in the illustrations to a Russian fairy-tale.

I decided that a house with a face and hands needs feet! I created these sneakers from Polymer Clay. Once they were baked and had cooled down, i painted them with acrylic paint in blue and white and attached them to the base of the house.

Although the sneakers looked comfy, I thought a pair of wings from the sheet of Mini Wood Wings style 1  would be ideal if my little house grew tired with all her trudging around in search of adventure. These wings are painted with a little blue acrylic paint and finished off with some gilding paste. These cute tiny mini doors seemed perfect for this project.

You're lost in the Woods, tired and hungry, you rub your eyes: is that house walking towards you, or away from you? And does it really have a face - and wings?

Stepping inside a magical, flying house and viewing the world below you through fairy windows might not have been a part of your plan; but you're about to make some wonderful discoveries...

and the only ticket you need is your imagination.

To create the impression of the enchanted forest, I planted the house of 'Delightful Discoveries' on a little slice of bark with moss stuck on with transparent glue. Hold tight now, we're about to take off. Soon we'll be flying high above the tree tops looking down on worlds stretched out below like tiny, model villages with dolls' house residents. Thank You for joining me today. I do hope your week will be one of 'Delightful Discoveries'.
Calico Products Used.
Block Style MDF House Kit
Sheet of Mini Wings Style 1
Sheet of Tiny Doors and Windows

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Bird on flowering vine canvas - Guest designer - Nikki Acton

Hi everyone - I am back to today to share my second creation as guest designer this month. Many thanks for the lovely comments I received for my beach hut canvas.

Today is similar but different! Yes another reverse canvas but a different theme and colour scheme. This is also a much larger canvas - around 12 x 9 inches. I started by applying texture paste around the frame and inside through a couple of stencils.

I then added various purple paints - first by spritzing with water and allowing to drip, then using a baby wipe to move where I wanted a little more and then finally with my fingers if I had missed bits! Once dry I added some stamping to the background using archival ink and a brick stamp.

I painted the ATC and border, the corner flourishes and bird on vine with the same paints - I make sure I get some variation in colours - rather than one flat colour. I added some gilding wax in places to highlight.

My finishing touches included a little gilding wax over some of the texture in the background and on the frame, some fibres under the ATC , a bird cage die cut and some little flowers to add focus to the ATC.

I have the opportunity to sell some of my craft sometimes in a local shop and I managed to get this one in last week just before our shop closed again for a while - it sold within a couple of days which doesn't happen too often! I hope you like it too.

Craft parts used today:
Plain ATC with frame

It has been a pleasure being a guest here this month - thank you.

Monday, 11 July 2016

She Sells Seashells.... by Claudia

Servus, welcome and good to see you back!

Claudia here today (as usual on Mondays) to bring to you another Calico Craft Parts tutorial.

I know, I's a kind of marine theme again...but this time I rather thought of collections of seashells and other marine species in a museum (so it really is an off-shore project to be precise ;).

Imagine escaping the summer heat by entering the Natural History Museum to strive the gigantic and beautifully decorated halls with all the display cabinets filled with tableaus with stunning beetles, butterflies, semi-precious stones, seeds,...and a lot of other fascinating elements and specimen you haven't even heard of yet.

To me that being presented in file of all those little wonders has something very appealing and I tried to create a little tableau that is meant to capture a bit of this feel.

Calico Craft Parts used:

- Notched Rectangle Birch Ply Wood Plaque - 150 x 72 mm
- Sheet of Mini MDF Nautical Motifs - Style 6 
- Sheet of Mini MDF Label Holders Wood Shapes

I started with arranging my label holders and sea shell wood shapes on the ply wood plaque until I was content:

Then I painted the label holders with DecoArt "Iced Espresso" Metallic Lustre.

The ply wood plaque was given a coat of DecoArt Americana "relic" Chalky Finish paint...

...and toned down with a wash of DecoArt media Quinacridone Gold once the paint was dry.

The shells were first given a dry brushed coat of a mix of white DecoArt media Gesso and Raw Sienna fluid acrylic:

It is important that you rather dry brush than paint the Craft Parts because too much paint would sink into all the crevices and that way beautiful detail would get lost!

The first layer was followed by a layer of loosely brushed on Titanium White.

After that it was time for my favourite part: painting the shells in those typical lovely "shell" colours.

I only used four different colours and mixed these to get more shades. I took an image of my palette for you so you can see which colours were mixed and how (for a larger view simply click on the images): I added some of the Transparent Red Iron Oxide to the Raw Sienna for an orange tone. Raw Umber was used to paint the shades. Titanium White was mainly used for highlights and also mixed with traces of Transparent Red Iron Oxide to get the soft pink for the shell's inside.

I wasn't too precise with the details, but I used a book with shells images for reference. But I mainly followed my guts and mixed and painted away until I was content.

As my label holders turned out to be too shiny for my dusty museum tableau, I toned them down with DecoArt media Carbon Black Antiquing Cream (that I only partially removed after it had dried).

I cut some labels from white cardboard and toned them down with a very light wash of Raw Sienna.

Once they were dry I wrote the shells' names onto them using an extra fine tip black china ink marker. Then the labels were glued behind the label holders' backs and everything was ready to be mounted to the plaque (using DecoArt matte Decou-Page).

For a finishing touch the edges of the plaque were inked with black archival stamping ink using a piece of blending foam.

Et voilá! 

Some close ups of the painted shells (just in case you want to use them for guidance on painting your own):

Thanks for stopping by (and thank you all so much for the many wondeful comments on my last project! I was totally overwhelmed by the fantastic response! Mwah! XXX). I hope you like my little collection. But then: who does not love to collect and look at sea shells?!

Hugs and happy crafting,