Sunday 17 July 2016

Delightful Discoveries - A House on the Move!

Hello! Julie Ann here back with another Monday project using Calico Craft Parts. You may know already how much I love stories and fairy-tales. This week I created a fantasy cottage from one of the new Calico MDF block style house kits. Let's fly away to lands we've only heard about in fairy-tales in 'The House of Delightful Discoveries'.

What I love about Calico MDF kits is that they look so effective without a great deal of painting. For this project, I used a face from a collection of my drawings I have scanned, along with some little hand-drawn hands. I added colour with water-colour pencils and enhanced the drawing with pencil shading and black pen. After spraying with fixative, I attached faces to the back and front of the house with some Matte Medium and just touched the edges with some light green acrylic paint. The walls are craft tissue stuck straight onto the MDF with matte medium and sealed with fluid matte medium. I simply stamped the roof with a ticket stamp using black ink. I really liked the effect this created of a little wooden house rather like one we might see in the illustrations to a Russian fairy-tale.

I decided that a house with a face and hands needs feet! I created these sneakers from Polymer Clay. Once they were baked and had cooled down, i painted them with acrylic paint in blue and white and attached them to the base of the house.

Although the sneakers looked comfy, I thought a pair of wings from the sheet of Mini Wood Wings style 1  would be ideal if my little house grew tired with all her trudging around in search of adventure. These wings are painted with a little blue acrylic paint and finished off with some gilding paste. These cute tiny mini doors seemed perfect for this project.

You're lost in the Woods, tired and hungry, you rub your eyes: is that house walking towards you, or away from you? And does it really have a face - and wings?

Stepping inside a magical, flying house and viewing the world below you through fairy windows might not have been a part of your plan; but you're about to make some wonderful discoveries...

and the only ticket you need is your imagination.

To create the impression of the enchanted forest, I planted the house of 'Delightful Discoveries' on a little slice of bark with moss stuck on with transparent glue. Hold tight now, we're about to take off. Soon we'll be flying high above the tree tops looking down on worlds stretched out below like tiny, model villages with dolls' house residents. Thank You for joining me today. I do hope your week will be one of 'Delightful Discoveries'.
Calico Products Used.
Block Style MDF House Kit
Sheet of Mini Wings Style 1
Sheet of Tiny Doors and Windows


  1. oh Julie Ann this is delightful! Your imagination knows no bounds, truly.

  2. Such an imaginative design... Love it! The sneakers are awesome xx

  3. This is utterly charming, Julie Ann - your house looks so friendly... if I were tired and lost in the woods I think I'd be very happy to see her between the trees. I adore the ticket roof - what a clever idea - and the little feet are adorable!
    Alison x

  4. What a gorgeous and inventive creation Julie Ann, the face is stunning and those sneakers are just delightful. Beautiful work! xx

  5. I'm smitten with your wonderful fairy tale creation, Julie...I suddenly find myself high in the air, gazing down in wonder at the tapestry of villages and forests beneath my sneakers!

  6. Just brilliant!! I adore the house, but those shoes are just the perfect finishing touch, so very clever!!

  7. So very sweet. And those sneakers are uber cool!

  8. I just wanted to say Thank You for the lovely comments from Lesley, Astrid, Heather, Redanne, Butterfly, Nikki and Helen. They are hugely appreciated. Life has suddenly become very, very busy; or I would answer them personally! Hugs to you all xxx

  9. Simply I want to spend at least a few hours inside of your mind ! You are so delightfully imaginative! This is so lovely & those sneakers!

  10. Wow! This house is brilliant Julie. Lovely fairy face and specially her shoes, likely this house fly at any me!! The depths of your imagination knowing no bounds. xx

  11. Your creative genius and imagination are just so inspiring Julie Ann.
    Every detail is a total delight and those sneakers OH MY!
    The tiny doors and windows are perfect and lovely in arch style.
    When I first saw your magical house I immediately thought it should have its very own story book.
    Thank you for sharing and being such an inspiration.

    1. Many Thanks to Etsuko and Patty for your really lovely comments. Some day maybe I will write down the adventures of my little flying house. xx

  12. This is wonderful, Julie Ann! One of my favourites of all your amazing creations! Having the face cover the whole of the front of the house is perfect and the clay feet are fantastic. The hands give it another dimension. I love that she has wings too, in case she gets bunions. I would like some. This is a perfect mix of artistry and imagination,

    Lucy x

  13. Thank You such a lovely comment, Lucy! Bunions are so painful, I believe, I really am glad I gave her wings to prevent that happening! :) xxx

  14. Such a lovely idea, Julie Ann!
    And so magically executed! xxx

  15. As always, Julie Lee has surpassed even our expectations of "what will she do with that?". So happy your shared her process! This is so lovely and magical!!

  16. As always, Julie Lee has surpassed even our expectations of "what will she do with that?" :-) Thank you for sharing the process with us! This is lovely and magical!!!