Saturday, 23 July 2016

Colourful houses: Part One! By Trish


I'm sharing the first part in a short series today... sharing ideas on how to decorate the fabulous new house shapes!

I've used the wide with wonky roof houses, in all 3 sizes!

I find it really helps to get an idea of the size of the houses, so I thought a picture may be of use..

That is a regular sized ink pad, so you can see that the large one isn't massive, and the small one not too teeny either!

To start with, I wanted to give all the houses some colour. Two ways really of doing this, either colour directly onto the houses, or stick on something coloured! I went with the latter this time :)

I created a couple of masterboard sheets, my usual painty messy backgrounds. It's an easy job to draw around the shapes of all the sides, then cut them out.

Lots of glue later, all the houses were covered! I went over the edges with a black ink pad, in order to finish off the white edges of the cut, white cardstock that was showing.

To finish off this first part, I added a die cut word to one of the houses.

Of course, this could be the point where you stop! I really like them so far, but I'm going to add some more extra details... so join me again on Thursday, and I'll show you what happens next!

Wonky Roof houses can be found HERE

Have a great weekend,
Trish xx


  1. I am looking forward to part two now! The houses look so cheerful covered in your beautiful masterboard painty backgrounds...

  2. These look absolutely fantastic Trish! :) Xxx

  3. Love your background! These little houses are great and this one already looks terrific! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create on Thursday. xx

  4. Love your colourful wonky houses, Trish! So "you"! Claudia xx