Thursday, 28 July 2016

More Colourful Houses!


My post on Saturday was about colourful houses... how you can create a (reasonably) simple creation just by gluing colourful backgrounds to the sides of the house. My post today goes a few steps further on.... :)

So... the colourful house has had a few additions!

I gave it windows and a shiny red door....

And I gave it a more complex roof by adding 'tiles'... circles punched from left over bits of painty background card!

The house was given wings, and placed onto a wooden base. Both of these were painted white, then covered with black stamped text.

The base was then glued to a small candlestick. As the house is now raised up off the ground, you need a ladder to reach it :)

More scrap bits of painty background!

So.... the simple house gets a major 3D makeover!

Hope you like it!
Trish xx

Calico Craft Parts used:

Wonky house (this is the large version)


  1. It is absolutely beautiful Trish - please can I go and live there?!! x

  2. This is fab! Loads of great little touches. It's lovely. Lx

  3. What a lovely little house! I love how colourful it is and the ladder and wings are such great touches! xx