Thursday, 26 November 2015

Christmas Norman and his pal Eric by Lesley

Last month, i introduced you to Norman. He's here if you want to go say hey.

This week.....he's back! And he has a friend in tow with him in the shape of a moose. And goes by the name of Eric.

For Norman, i began with slotting the star together and then painting it red. I made a hole in the base of the skull and then sawed off the knobbly bit from the top of the star and then glued the skull on. The skull was painted black and then some white paint squished on top. A layer of crackle glaze and a touch more black and white paint rubbed into the cracks, 

Seeing as its winter.......i felt the need to give Norman a woolly hat!

This was stuffed with wadding which i pinched out of a cuddly toy belonging to the twins! I tied the top together with some wool and added a rusty bell and a little holly leaf painted green.

The actual star was coated with a medium that already had the glitter chunks in it,

Eric was done in the same way as Norman, but i used a blob of clay to secure his head to the star base. 

He was originally a boring brown colour so i tarted him up with some paint. 

Eric's star was given some silvery glittery treatment. And i gave him a tinsel scarf with a couple of small holly leaves.

These 3D stars are ideal as hanging ornaments for your tree etc.........but also brilliant as a free-standing ornament! 
Merry Christmas from Norman and Eric!
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