Saturday, 28 November 2015

Wood veneered Christmas card: by Zuzu

Hi there. I have been using more of the thin sheets of wood veneer I used last time on the canvas. As a rule, I buy my yuletide cards because I hate inventing stress and pressure when there's enough in the world as it is. how many times do you see a crafting friend typing about how they still have loads of cards to make and not much time and "oh how stressful it is"? its a choice. if you love it then make them. if it stresses you out then just buy some. so simple.
Because I have a nice selection of "posh" cards bought and at the ready, it means any I do make I make for the joy of it. And if I do make any, its usually for the "special" cards for folks like my son, parents etc.
This card was made by staining the wood sheet with paints and sprays and adding some snow-tex on the bottom. I painted the Calico Craft Parts (holly and bird), then it was a simple case of layering all the papers and shapes up.

Calico Craft Parts used:

Bird winter Wood Shape.
Holly style 4 leaf and twig shape.

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  1. Love the shabby layers and great colouring on the robin and berries.
    Alison xx