Thursday, 8 October 2015

Halloween Votive: By Trish


I decided to have a bit of a play with the aperture sections of the ATB cube kits... and discovered that you can combine bits from multiple kits to make bespoke creations!
So, I used 4 square aperture sides along with a base to create a votive!

I glued some spider web corners to the aperture sides...

Then painted everything black, both sides....

I used acetate covered with a frosting film to cover the sides. You could use parchment paper or vellum if you can't find any frosting film!

The sides were then glued together to form the final shape. I added some grey eyelash yarn around the top...

Just to be very clear..... DO NOT USE REAL CANDLES WITH THIS: YOU'LL SET IT ON FIRE. This is only to be used with battery operated tealights and the suchlike!

I tried to take a pic with an orange tea light in there...

I think you can see the effect?!?!

This is obviously a Halloween type decoration... but could easily be adapted for any time of year by switching out the spider webs for other imagery!

Have a great day,
Trish xxx

CCP used:
Square Aperture ATB blanks
Spider Web corners