Saturday 1 December 2018

A little winter cottage by Kerstin


The first Sunday in Advent is just around the corner and the time for Christmas preparations starts. 
Most important to me always is to have many lights around to make the dark season more enjoyable. 
But Christmas also has a lot to do with romance and cosiness. 
And what could be better than sitting in a small warm dreamy winter cottage and watching the snow fall softly to the ground.  
The children are romping in the snow and inside a fireplace crackles.

These were my thoughts behind this new project.

Calico Craft parts used:
 65mm tall x 85mm long x 60mm wide

useful tips & tricks:

 some details

 I have used a round roof window from the Sheet of Mini Mdf Windows
and added a little piece from the Ivy leaf garland
Behind the window there's a foil with snow effect

Winter fir tree in two sizes

left side front

 I used only the upper part, coloured it with white acrylic paint 
and highlighted it with a silver glitter pen

Children on sled silhouette, coloured with white and silver acrylic paint

additional decoration:
a little holly branch with red berries
some icicles (cutting die)
and very important - a lot of powder snow :-)

This project was so much fun to create and I just love the scene that you can build up
using this awesome House Kit! There is a lot of other Town and Country House Kits
 in the Calico Craft Parts Shop! Have a look and you will be amazed!

Thanks for your visit and I wish you a beautiful Advent season!


  1. Kerstin, this is magical! You have truly captured the spirit of Christmas in this lovely little winter cottage. It's such an imaginative and effective use of the house and the Calico Craft Parts - a little masterpiece! xx

  2. Love love love this so much, Kerstin!
    You have breathed your unique magic and so much life into this little house kit! Absolutely adorable and amazing! As Julie said - a little masterpiece!
    Claudia xxx

  3. Thanks so much Julie Ann and Claudia, your comments are very approciated!
    Happy weekend! Hugs, Kerstin xx

  4. Just delightful Kerstin! I love the woodsy feel of this! xo

    1. Thank you very much Jackie, I'm also a big fan of natural style. Hugs, xx