Thursday, 11 June 2015

Texturally Winged by Lesley

Loving the new wooden wings in the shop......had to use them this week!

To begin with, i gave the wooden body a coat of turquoise paint. Then i applied modelling paste mixed with paint through a stencil and then sprinkled lots of teeny tiny beads all over the body.

I didn't use the modelling paste all over the body. i left a gap and applied a thick layer of crackle glaze. Whilst this was still wet, i added a keyhole and a star that i had painted blue and again crackle coated.

Once it had dried i gave the whole thing a coat of thick gel medium to secure the pesky beads that kept falling off!

She needed a crown/tiara of some sort and really needed some height (she was looking a bit fat and dumpy) I created her a twisted tiara out of black wire with beads threaded on, and wound it around the body as well. 

The wings were painted grey and crackle over the top before gluing on. 

Thanks for reading.

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