Saturday, 13 June 2015

Own Your Dreams Shrine: By Trish


These shrine kits are really fabulous...Love them loads, and can see all sorts of uses for them! I want to share a simple shrine today..

This shrine started out as one of these:

The 'Nautical Shrine'. As you can see though, the top part of my finished shrine isn't the same shape. I wanted to show you that you can customise the shrines! I took some sharp scissors and snipped off the sticky out bits at the top, then covered the whole thing with old book pages. The fan part was then hidden too, to give the flat look. So two looks (at least!) possible from the same starting point!

I used a vintage image inside the shrine..

I added stamped wings and a crown, then fixed her inside the shrine using a bent strip of acetate, as it looks invisible!

Top tip if you're covering the shrines with paper.. either cover the shrine BEFORE you add the feet, or add the feet and just paint the base bit rather than covering with paper. Trust me, trying to cover fiddly little feet isn't a plan! :)

I also added a bit of detail with some punched out stars on wire...

A little phrase, and it was done. I'm certain this will be the first of many shrines I create... I have loads of ideas floating around just waiting for an opportunity to be created!

See you soon,

Trish xxx


  1. Totally gorgeous and I absolutely love your cute fairy!!!

  2. So charming - can't wait to play with some of these shrines!
    Alison xx

  3. Alison said it perfectly. So charming!