Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A box for my Craft parts: By Astrid

Nothing is more fun than playing with Craft  parts, and trust me, you'll want loads of them! I decided to alter a book box to keep mine in...

I used keys, and Ironmongery and had super fun altering them and giving them the rusty look. Even the backing to some of the smaller craft parts can be used as you can see from the heart shapes.This came from these little hearts.
If rusting is not quite your thing, these craft parts are super fun, just as they are too. They come in a wonderful burnt wood colour and smell just wonderful.
Here is a page in a mini book where I used them just as they come:

Here I am using the lovely Butterflies and a corner flourish

And here some more of the wonderful flourishes and some steampunk cogs

More pages will follow soon!

Layered Plaques. By Zuzu

This piece started out with two layered plaques with an ATC blank, some flourishes and butterflies added on top.

I added a frame and made my layered plaques into a central feature.

Supplies list.

Birch ply plaques
ATC blank
Butterflies (mini wood shapes)

Designed by Zuzu.

Packaging Upcycle by Zuzu

My son likes very posh watches and they always come in HUGE well made boxes (which he dutifully sends to his mum ). I up-cycled one of these boxes (its about 6 inches x 6 inches) for a craft swap I joined and I used Calico Craft Parts to make it a bit special.

Supplies used:

Fancy flourish corners
Ironmongery (keyhole escutcheon)
Tall Wildflower (used as branch)
Mini Wood Butterflies

Monday, 27 April 2015

The ongoing adventures of Callie Spoon! By Trish

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to make Art Dolls (that would be me!). She was a very lucky girl as she could make Art Dolls for her Design Team projects and nobody seemed to get sick of them! Callie Spoon had lots of adventures, and she was made of lots of different Calico Craft Parts...

Callie loved her garden....

She made lots of friends!

and to relax, she went to the seaside!

Callie is hoping to share more adventures with you soon!

(and so am I!!)
Trish xxxx

Antique Plaque by Alison

I used one of the large Birch Plywood Plaques for this piece, and created an antique seller's advertising board.

The Chandelier had lots of metallic and glittery paint layers.

And I added some of the Cogs and Gears...

... as well as some actual watch parts and flowers and moss to decorate...

... all over a weathered, crackled background.  Click the links to check out these and all the other fabulous Calico Craft Parts designs.

Beachcombing! By Alison

This tray uses some of the fabulous Calico Craft Parts Nautical Shapes.  There are lots to choose from - beach toys, sea creatures, ships and boats and all sorts.

I used DecoArt paints and crackle glazes to bring these Crabs to life...

... and surrounded them with lots of beachcombing embellishments...

... nets and shells and driftwood and the odd bit of sea glass.

I also gave the Anchor some rusty look paint treatment and nestled it amongst the netting.

Click the links to check out the Nautical shapes on offer - maybe we can tempt summer to arrive a bit early.

Alison x

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Nautical & Beachy. By Zuzu

Summer is coming. I am 'almost' sure of it. and in preparation I am sharing a selection of Nautical Craft Parts, (although there are so so many more to choose from).
On the first image we have a lighthouse, anchor, crab and ships wheel all mounted on to some drift wood.

The second image is of a little hanging also made from driftwood. this time I have painted the craft parts. A Lighthouse and Ship

On the third, I have used the craft parts to decorate my key hanger. Craft parts used here are Seashore birds... (Sandpipers and Gulls) and some individual letters.

I have some mermaids and dolphins sitting on my desk waiting on me making something. I can see it in my mind but the trick is translating it to reality. you know how it is ;)