Saturday 20 April 2019

Springtime Tag with some tips for a 3D shelf by Kerstin


I was inspired to create a spring surprise gift for a friend.
 It's a big mixed media tag in  wheathered wood style, 
with a monochrome colour scheme but  many structures and textures. 
The special thing about it is the small 3D shelf I've built in front of the door
 on which the rabbit sits.

some close up's

 Tips and Tricks for a self made 3D shelf

with a sharp cutter knife into two parts.
Then I browsed my stash for some remnants of leftover MDF parts. 
The semicircle fitted very well under the shelf as additional stabilisation. 
Now I only needed to glue a square triangle as a support right underneath that...

...and a little shelf was finished,
 which makes the whole thing seem much more alive and dimensional. 
It is perfect for placing some light decorative items on it.

Wooden shapes from Calico Craft Parts I have used:

 I wish you all a very Happy Easter 

with many colourful eggs in the green grass

 or perhaps still in the snow?!


  Best wishes from Kerstin


  1. Wow! Kerstin, this is absolutely superb! I would love to receive such a gift! What an exquisite creation. Happy Easter to you! xx

    1. Thanks so much dear friend! Hugs, kerstin xx

  2. A fabulous spring project, Kerstin! I bet your friend was charmed by this! I love the little shelf you've created with the bunny and natural elements. But that background is so breath taking! Your artwork blows me away!

    1. Very charmed indeed ;)
      The shelf is just so brilliant and I love the shabby chic feel and how Kerstin has arranged all the gorgeous details. I am blown away too and as the proud owner I have this beauty sitting on my sideboard so I can look at it every day.

      Thanks so much, Kerstin! Your artwork blows me away too!
      Claudia xxx

    2. You've put a smile on my face. A big heartfelt Thank You !!! Creative Hugs, Kerstin xxx

  3. Such a fabulous tag and the little shelf is just genius!

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