Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A box for my Craft parts: By Astrid

Nothing is more fun than playing with Craft  parts, and trust me, you'll want loads of them! I decided to alter a book box to keep mine in...

I used keys, and Ironmongery and had super fun altering them and giving them the rusty look. Even the backing to some of the smaller craft parts can be used as you can see from the heart shapes.This came from these little hearts.
If rusting is not quite your thing, these craft parts are super fun, just as they are too. They come in a wonderful burnt wood colour and smell just wonderful.
Here is a page in a mini book where I used them just as they come:

Here I am using the lovely Butterflies and a corner flourish

And here some more of the wonderful flourishes and some steampunk cogs

More pages will follow soon!

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  1. Incredible! Astrid . Love every inch from cover to cover ! x