Thursday, 23 April 2015

Nautical & Beachy. By Zuzu

Summer is coming. I am 'almost' sure of it. and in preparation I am sharing a selection of Nautical Craft Parts, (although there are so so many more to choose from).
On the first image we have a lighthouse, anchor, crab and ships wheel all mounted on to some drift wood.

The second image is of a little hanging also made from driftwood. this time I have painted the craft parts. A Lighthouse and Ship

On the third, I have used the craft parts to decorate my key hanger. Craft parts used here are Seashore birds... (Sandpipers and Gulls) and some individual letters.

I have some mermaids and dolphins sitting on my desk waiting on me making something. I can see it in my mind but the trick is translating it to reality. you know how it is ;)

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