Thursday 11 April 2024

Door Hanger Alice - We're all mad here




 Have you seen the latest products at Calico Craft Parts???

You can find a lot of Alice in Wonderland shapes, suitable to the well-known classic children's book.

This is a wonderful story told with imagination that are reflected in our time. 

I love this story, as I'm sure many of you do too. You can be creative and explore this topic in many ways. The world in the story is full of wonders, and the door is open to many ideas.

 I will be presenting a few projects in the near future. 

To start today, I have a quick little gift for good friends. It's a door hanger, you can use it, for example, when you invite friends over or as a signpost for the next creative workshop. It will put a smile on everyone's face.



 The Mad Hatter was very inspiring for me. The level of detail was impressive. I primed it with a little white paint using the dry brush technique. Then, I lightly painted over the surface with silver wax cream. Finally, I coloured the hat black and added only light accents with rust paint. 

I have had the best experiences when working with pure colour and very little water thinner. I always allow it to dry well in between so that the details look very good.




used MDF shapes


We're all mad here - creative mad, right?!

You'll fit right in 😀

I would love to see some of your projects on IG or FB, 

please use #Aliceccp


Have fun!




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