Monday, 11 July 2022

Sleeping beauty tag: by Louise Crosbie. (Zuzu)


Hi there.

For todays project I’ve used a large wooden tag as my base. After gluing on my papers, I covered them in clear gesso to protect them from getting stained and obscuring the images in the later stages.

While it was drying I gave all my chosen embellishments a very light coat of  white gesso before painting them with colours to match the papers. A nice teal and a rose pink. 

I think these arched windows are perfect for fairytale themes and the mini bricks give the hint or suggestion of a castle wall. 

I’ve not necessarily kept all my craft parts in one piece which seems to be a regular theme with me. I like to snip them into convenient pieces depending on the needs of my layout and it gives me the impression that they go further that way too. 

These pretty little rose bushes and vines really suit the papers I’ve used. Especially with the added colour. 

Craft parts used: 


Rose bramble

Throned rose scroll

Butterfly bramble

Mini brick sheet

Narrow rose window