Tuesday 26 July 2022

In the deep. Little ocean themed plaque by Louise Crosbie.


Hi there.  

I’m sharing this little deep ocean themed plaque today. While I often use craft parts as embellishments to larger projects, this project is about 90% craft parts. Very soothing to work on as all I had to do was pick out the parts I wanted and glue them down to create a scene. I used a stencil on the background first then I used little cobble stones to create the pebbles at the bottom of the ocean floor  I added some mini art stones to create a sand effect.

Once all my parts were glued down and secure, I gave everything a coat of white gesso then added colour. A bit of dry brushing restored the detail.

Some sequins and glitter added a touch of magic. I’m thinking of turning this into a mini album cover as I have another plaque the same I could turn into the back cover and bind the book with mini book rings. 

Craft Parts Used

Mixed media board door shape


Diver octopus

Seaweed #9

Seaweed Stalked leaf bearer 

Chub Fish

Cobblestones mini sheet




Saturday 23 July 2022

Maritim Frame - Summer Home Decor with Kerstin


Welcome creative friends!


Summertime and vintage feelings
I was inspired to create an upcycling project and a maritim picture frame 
was born.
It's a combination of MDF shapes, old fabric leftovers
and nature elements.



 How I began


 used  an old wooden circle panel as base
attached 4 pieces of jute ribbon to make it look like a lifebelt
added 4 beach inspired MDF shapes,
 which were partially divided and cut to size
should be an old weathered character
so I only used a dry brush technique with white gesso


some details


used MDF shapes from Calico Craft Parts


Wild Grass MDF Wood Shape - Style 4

 To The Beach Signpost

Rustic Beach Fence Panel

Deck Chair



I hope you find inspiration!


Thanks for stopping by...until next time



Monday 11 July 2022

Sleeping beauty tag: by Louise Crosbie. (Zuzu)


Hi there.

For todays project I’ve used a large wooden tag as my base. After gluing on my papers, I covered them in clear gesso to protect them from getting stained and obscuring the images in the later stages.

While it was drying I gave all my chosen embellishments a very light coat of  white gesso before painting them with colours to match the papers. A nice teal and a rose pink. 

I think these arched windows are perfect for fairytale themes and the mini bricks give the hint or suggestion of a castle wall. 

I’ve not necessarily kept all my craft parts in one piece which seems to be a regular theme with me. I like to snip them into convenient pieces depending on the needs of my layout and it gives me the impression that they go further that way too. 

These pretty little rose bushes and vines really suit the papers I’ve used. Especially with the added colour. 

Craft parts used: 


Rose bramble

Throned rose scroll

Butterfly bramble

Mini brick sheet

Narrow rose window

Saturday 9 July 2022

Maritime Tag with Kerstin


Welcome creative friends!


 I was motivated to create a sea inspired tag with a touch of Steampunk.
Love underwater fantasies, one of my favourite themes in summer time.
Used one of the very versatile tags from Calico Craft Parts,
always a good stable base for mixed media projects.
You can experiment and create with water and other liquids
 without deforming the background,
I always appreciate that.


some details



used MDF shapes from Calico Craft Parts


MDF Tag Shape - Classic

Steampunk Mechanical Cogs Motif Style 22

Sheet of Mini MDF Wood Cogs - Style 2

Sheet of Mini MDF Wood Cogs - Style 1

Sailing Boat Wood Shape - Style 2



I hope you find inspiration!


Thanks for stopping by...until next time