Wednesday 1 June 2022

Wizard Spell Book by Kat Hazelton plus alternative Fairy Spell Book



Spell books are an essential requirement for both Witches and Wizards. Contained within these sacred books you would find magical symbols and enchanting words to create magical amulets, charms, magic spellwork and the practice of divination. In the case of a Grimoire, a book of black magic, it would also give the owner the power to summon up supernatural beings and evil demons! These sort of spellbooks are often extremely old and imbued with their own magical powers. 

However these spellbooks are quite rare, most spell books are quite safe and are mainly used by magical folk to keep notes. In the case of Wizards they tend to use spell books to chart moon phases, document astrological information, and studies into Alchemy. Where as Witches, as a guiding rule, tend to use their spellbooks to list uses of herbs and wild plants for making healing spells, lotions and potions. 

To create your own magical spellbook you will need. with two added holes. You would need two for front and back cover plus extra squares for book pages. 

Paints, I used acrylic paints in blues, greens and coppers. Plus Assortment of paint brushes. 

Premade Textured paint. Or add dried sand to regular acrylic paint. 

Scissors and glue. I used superglue. 

Decorations such as stars, beads and charms 

Assorted ribbons and or string. 

Tissue paper and decoupage glue or you can use watered down PVA. 

Firstly I glued on my Witches/Wizard mdf hat onto one of my mdf boards. Making sure the two holes are positioned on the left hand side. This will be the cover of my spell book. I used superglue. I also glued on some metal stars. 

Once set in place I then painted on decoupage glue over the whole piece adding on pieces of shredded tissue paper. I left it to thoroughly dry then I added one more coat of decoupage glue. 

Once the tissue paper layer had thoroughly dried I started painting with acrylic paints. I wanted a verdigris look so I used a mixture of mat textured acrylic paint in blue, green and copper. The green paint had a gritty texture which gave the book cover a beautiful distressed aged look. To apply the paints I used an old paint brush and used a stippling technique. 
I then left it to dry over night. 

I then repeated the same process for the back cover. This time I didn't add any mdf shapes but you could if you wanted to.


With both the front cover and back cover of the spell book completed I finished them both off by painting the insides with matching copper paints. 

To put my spell book together I threaded each side with pretty ribbons. Tying a loose knot so that the book can be easily opened as shown in the photo. I used Silk Sari ribbons. 
I then finished it off with some pretty metal beads and assorted charms. 

My spellbook is now ready for me to fill with magical words, spells and potions! 

As an alternative to a Wizard or Witch spell book. Why not make yourself a Fairy Spellbook! This one was made using the same method but with different MDF shapes and pretty pink and purple metallic paints. 

MDF shapes I used. with two added holes. You would need two for front and back cover plus extra squares for book pages. 

Instead of tissue paper I used kitchen paper to create texture. 

Well I hope you enjoyed another one of my makes. I hope they all inspired you to have a go at creating your own mixed media projects.
If you have any questions please get in touch I am always happy to help if I can. 
Happy making, 
Kat 😊

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