Saturday 4 June 2022

The Haunt of Fairies: junk journal by Louise, Zuzu, Crosbie.


Hi there. 

Today I’m sharing with you a very simple junk journal that I put together and decorated using mostly “Calico craft parts”. 

I’m very ‘into junk’ journals at the moment and very ‘into’ toadstools. So I made a large toadstool the start of my focal point. I simply built up a little woodland floral composition on a piece of board I’d already added texture to through a stencil. And once I’d gessoed and painted it, I added my ‘fairy’ and also a little phrase cut from an old book. 

Craft parts used:

Toadstool silhouette 

Dogwood sprig

Oak leaves 

Oak leaves with acorns

Caterpillar from mini sheet insects style 3

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