Saturday, 5 February 2022

Be creARTive - Album Cover Hello Spring


Welcome creative friends!


In this eternally grey winter weather, it helps to get into a better mood with handicrafts. 

I made myself a mood book that gives me hope that spring will come soon. 


Today I want to share with you the cover.



I used a mixed media board as base for the album cover 
and covered it with fabric

Arch ATC was used as photo frame

some details


still had a small bird from

Songbird Trio on Spring Branch

left over, love to break up  parts, 
it often creates completely new impressions 
next to it three little willow catkins for the cuddle factor 😀



used MDF shapes from Calico Craft Parts


Rectangle Shape - MDF Mixed Media Board

 200 x 100 mm +2 holes

Ancestry MDF Wood Font - Create A Word

Hello Spring

Arch ATC Wood Blank with Plain Frame

Snowdrop - MDF Floral Wood Shape

Songbird Trio on Spring Branch MDF Wood Shape




soon there will also be a look inside the album


Thanks for your visit!

Hope I could inspire you!


Happy crafting!




  1. Love the use of fabric and lace, Kerstin! Such a charming tender Spring greeting!

    Claudia x

  2. Thanks so much Claudia and Kat!!