Thursday, 10 February 2022

👑 The Frog Prince!

The Frog Prince sat by his pond. 

The Frog Prince is a German fairy tale collected and first published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812.

The tale of The Frog Prince has varied over the years but the basic story circles around a beautiful, if spoilt, princess who drops a golden ball into a pond where she meets a frog. In exchange for giving back her golden ball she reluctantly promises the frog friendship allowing the Frog to eat at her table, even to eat off her own plate and to sleep in her bedroom on her pillow. Eventually the Frog in the story turns out to be a handsome Prince who was cursed by magic spell to become a frog by a wicked fairy. In the more romantic versions of the story the princess kisses the frog and he turns back into his human form! Though earlier Grimm editions have her throwing him against a wall before he becomes a handsome Prince! Not so romantic! But whatever version they both seem to have a happy ending together!

To make a Frog Prince pond scene you will need

Acrylic paints. 

Pva glue. 

Moss, sticks, dried leaves from the garden or local walks. 

Dry culinary mushrooms bought from supermarket. 

Glitter and gem stones. 

Liquid Pearlised drops or metallic paints. 

Mirror card. 

Plain card. 

Acetate sheet either coloured or clear. 

I started off by painting all the sections to make the shrine. I used a vibrant green acrylic paint and painted them both sides. For the pond base I painted on blue and added glitter for watery sparkles!

I then cut a piece of mirror card to fit behind the beautiful Gothic arched window. I left the arch it's natural colour and glued on some glitter 'ivy' to add a magical sparkle. I then started to put together the shrine gluing it with pva glue.

 I glued on the Gothic arched window in the centre of the back panel of the shrine. I also added the Princesses golden ball, this was made from a circular cardboard shape painted gold with acrylic paints. I then added foliage gluing on moss, dried leaves and twigs. To add mushrooms I cut real dried culinary mushrooms in half and glued them onto my twigs.

Frog Prince wearing his crown! 👑 

I then painted my frog with acrylic paints and added a crown! Well he is a Prince!

Then I added a sheet of yellow acetate. You can use clear but I wanted my scene to look more stagnant pond! 

I then glue on the front of my shrine. Adding glitter, Pearlised drops and gem stones to the crown to make it fit for Royalty! 

Little extras I added an additional Prince Frog to the back of the shrine. I used the left over feet which came with the shrine kit to decorate around him to represent the Princess golden ball. 

The Frog Prince scene is now done. Let's hope his princess gives him a romantic kiss soon! 
I hope you enjoyed another 'Kat make'. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I will be happy to help if I can. I shall be back again soon with another make. 
Until then 'enjoy crafting' . 
Kat 😊 


  1. Wow!! What a fantastic make!! I really enjoyed this, what a creative idea.

  2. Thank you so much. I hope to do some more 'Story based' tutorials soon, so please keep visiting. 😊