Monday, 25 October 2021

The (not so) Grim reaper.


The reaper has hung out the bunting and the fairy lights for his favourite night of the year. All his dead pals are going to be visiting and partying until dawn. 

I assembled all the parts then painted it over with black gesso. Then I put on patches of rust paste and sprayed with a water mister to make it run down in streaks. I did the same with some metallique paint in a

nice flame orange. 

I decided to give the reaper more detail so I used a resin bird skull I cast from a mould. Once it was glued to the reapers face, I used black contour paint to make him a hood so his skull face blended in more and I used the contour paint to add some details to his robe. 

I also added an extra row of gravestones using a die cut I cut from black card  

It is categorised as a hanger as it can be suspended by a hook or ribbon if you use them, but as I need daylight to get decent photos and I’ve nowhere to hang it in the garden, I’ve placed it on four large, wide chunky beads to act as feet. 

I’ve used the skeleton tree & graveyard Halloween hanger.

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  1. Love your awesome added details especially at reaper, so it's more 'vivid' and expressive!