Saturday, 23 October 2021

Skulls and pumpkins and ghosts, oh my! by guest designer Lori Woods

 Hello friends! I'm back with my second guest designer post for October!

When I got the Skull & Ghosts Hanger kit, I knew I wanted to keep the decoration quite simple and concentrate on making it look as creepy as I could!

For the skull I painted the base a cream colour and then added areas of crackle paste, which I made quite thick so that the crackle would be more obvious. Once dry, I went over the skull with a watered down brown acrylic so that is filled all the cracks and also pooled over the other areas to create an old and dirty look. I then covered the back with black card to really emphasis the eye, nose and mouth holes.

The pumpkins were painted pale orange and again, I used watered down brown acrylic to create an old, shabby look and black card to emphasise the eyes.

The ghosts were covered in cheesecloth, painted with black gesso and then dry-brushed with white gesso to bring out the texture and give them a more ethereal look.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can make a spooky decoration with just a few simple techniques!

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