Thursday, 28 October 2021

Little gothic story plaque. By Zuzu (Louise Crosbie)


My last Halloween project of the year (on to twinkly winter and Yule). 
It’s almost Halloween and I’ve got friends coming over. I love this time of year and I love the traditional telling of spooky stories to try and scare your friends (regardless of our adult age lol).
But I don’t see Halloween as only scary. 8 love the traditional Celtic version of “day of the dead” that it represents. Setting an extra space at the table for any visiting ghosts of your loved ones who have died. Although that’s just a metaphors for taking time to remember that love and how we miss them. 

But as it’s a t8me when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest, then obviously there’s room to enjoy the spooky side as who knows what will get through that veil. 
Woooooooooooo (spooky noise lol)

I made this before seeing Kerstin’s fab tag earlier in the season but hopefully they are different enough.
There’s a LOT of glitter involved here so it’s very sparkly. Sadly the camera can’t show glitter as the twinkle is all about motion.  

I have used “parts” of some bits, as I often seem to do. I like to cut them to fit with what I’m making and this also means the shapes go further. 

list of craft parts used

Gothic window:



Red oak leaf twig:

Bird on a branch:

Grave stone/cross:

Flying Bat:

Birch plywood Plaque:

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  1. Gorgeous Louise, love your colour and texture combination and I also always like to take the parts apart and put them together to create new impressions :-) Hugs, Kerstin xx