Thursday, 1 July 2021

Spring Blooms By Liz

 Hi all, today I thought I'd show you an idea for a journal using some of the fabulous MDF pieces from 

Calico Craft Parts,

(Full process video at the foot of this post.)

I created the front and back of my journal using the MDF Rectangles, these are 10cm x 20cm
 (100mm x 200mm)
which I painted on the outer edges with white Gesso, I also painted a light covering on the flower pieces,

I then painted the Rectangle pieces with some green paint,

I have made a video tutorial on how I created this journal which is below, but first I will show you some close ups of the finished journal after adding a few more MDF pieces, after painting the MDF pieces with the Gesso, I used a few colours of a watercolour brush pen to colour them, this allows the base design to show through still,

I love the way you can make the Butterflies look so different depending on the colours you use,

And the cute Bees,

Products used:

The Video link

Happy Crafting!!
Liz x

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