Sunday, 13 June 2021

SciFi police box with a steampunk twist.


Hi everyone. 

When Helen told me they were going to be adding a “Police Box” kit to the range I was super excited. I am a geek... there is no denying it. 

I was very lucky to be sent an advanced one before the shop even had them online to buy and my steampunk pal (our extended household bubble person) and I wasted no time in constructing and decorating it. 

It was so much in advance that there was no pdf with the construction guidelines which did leave us expecting some fun mishaps as there were a lot of parts.  But we still managed it simply by looking at the photo Steve sent of an example he had constructed to make sure the kit worked ok. 

So in honour of a well known SciFi tv series and with a bit of a steampunk twist, here is the completed police box. 

For my engine, I’ve used some resin mould pipes and a propeller, some calico craft parts gears/cogs, a kitchen shape cutter and a little bulb.
I’ve added a sort of fake rivet effect using little hardware screw heads from a mini sheet and as a little vintage Victorian detail,I used a couple of paper fasteners that look like old door pulls/handles.
 Needless to say I predict ordering a second one 😄

Supply list.

A selection cogs (gears). 


  1. This is absolutely fabulous! Any generation of time Lord would be proud of! I already ordered one! 🤣 Couldn't resist!

  2. Veeeery veeery cool, Louise! :) xxx