Monday, 17 May 2021

Ideas for ATC frames: by Louise Crosbie.


Hi there. 
I know a lot of you will make and swap ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) but I also know a lot of you don’t. 
But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make great use of the ATC frames.

An ATC should be the same size/dimensions of all other official trading cards like baseball cards, Pokemon cards etc. And thus, they should fit in to the official trading card pocket pouches for collectors.
Sadly, nowadays, folks call just about any small piece of mixed media or paper raft an ATC, regardless of its actual shape and size. This makes it impossible to collect them the way they were intended. This is the reason I stopped collecting. I have two beautiful large lever arch folders filled with the official collectors pockets and each with a beautiful display of ATCs of the correct dimensions. But in my last few months of swapping, my returns were sadly not proper ATC dimensions and wouldn’t fit in to my collection.

However despite not doing ATCs anymore, I still had some of the gorgeous little (correct dimension lol) ATC frames. 
I turned one into a sort of miniature cabinet card for my little vintage fairy and put it on a rusty canvas. 

The second frame, I turned into a miniature junk journal which I intend to complete in a Yule theme so I can give it as a stocking filler gift.

These little frames are so versatile. They make great key fobs, wooden tags, embellishments for scrapbook pages and cards... 

Thanks for reading. 

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