Saturday, 3 April 2021

Happy Easter!


 Hello creative friends!


Today a very quick and simple gift idea for your home decoration. 

It isn't always necessary to elaborately process or paint the MDF shapes, right?!


You can also just use them as decoration, they appear in a plain wood look, 

and the engraved laser lines bring out amazing details.



1.  a small wooden box was filled with floral foam and moss


Alert Rabbit

 Flowering Vine - Decorative Flourish Style 27

 Wildflowers in Grass 


a few small artificial flowers, or even things you brought back

 from your spring walk, complete the whole thing 




2. a blown out decorated goose egg as a small flower vase


Cross with Lillies - MDF Wood Shape Style 17

Running Hare

Oval Shape - MDF Mixed Media Board as base

 that is quickly glued together



I wish you a very Happy Easter

  with many colourful eggs

 in the green grass or perhaps still in the snow.




  1. Charming... and no, that rabbit doesn't need anything extra. Hope you have a lovely Easter.
    Alison x