Monday, 18 May 2020

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party by Jannet


I am sorry that I have been absent for a little while, the post in London has been very random which is understandable in these very sad circumstances. So my Calico Craft goodies took some time to find their way to me, but oh my goodness  they were well worth waiting for! 

As soon as I saw the 100mm tall art doll, I knew it would be perfect for Alice In Wonderland of course after she had consumed  the “drink me”  drink. 

I began by painting her face and arms, and giving her legs stripes for her traditional stockings. She needed golden locks which I made from some needle felting wool.I used her body to measure, and cut a dress from blue felt.I added a ruffle of ribbon to give Alice some dimension. Her famous white pinny completed her look. 

As soon as she was made Alice decided that she needed to have  tea. I found the lovely tea set which comes with lots of cups, teapots, and little tiny spoons too! To give the spoons a metallic shiny look I foiled them with some silver gilding flakes. I covered the spoon in glue and then laid the foil over, and after it adhered I buffed it up to get a silvery shine.I then  painted the cups and teapots and added some Decoart texture paste to the sugar cubes to give them a gritty sugary look.  You can paint any design you like to the tea set, I choose to do a simple blue heart. 

The tea set needed a table, so Alice could sit down and enjoy her tea. I used a 100 mm mixed media circle for the top of the table and a cotton reel for the pedestal. After painting some mini hearts I hung them with some golden thread and adhered them onto the top of the table so they would dangle down from the table.  A doily made a pretty table cloth. I adhered Alice and the tea set in place. I used a plastic bottle to sit Alice against for support. I added lots of little Alice embellishments, a clock, a bottle with “drink Me “ stamped onto it’s label, and some playing cards. There are many things you could make to go with Alice, roses, jam tarts, toadstools..... so many possibilities. I finished by painting the word Tea, and adhering it to the pedestal 

Of course you can turn your art dolls into any character you want to, maybe you could make one to look like a friend or relative that would be a very personal and lovely gift. The art doll kits  come in various shapes and sizes, you are sure to find just the one you need. 
Take care xx

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  1. I love that part of Alice's story, when she drinks the "Drink me" drink! Great use of the small art doll and I love the needle felted bits!

    Claudia x

  2. I love seeing how this beatiful piece came together, soooooo creative! Take care and stay safe. xxx