Monday 23 December 2019

Claudia's 2019 Calico Review

Hi, servus and thanks for taking the time for a short visit today!

I know we're all busy preparing for celebrating Christmas with our loved ones. Christmas is celebrated in the evening of the 24th in Austria (and it is Christkind over here who brings the presents) - so I will be quite busy myself while you are reading this and if you are reading this on its actual posting date (but thanks to the schedule function I can even share my Top 3 of my own Calico Craft Parts makes from 2019 with you while I am preparing for Xmas AND celebrating my own birthday - which is today...and celebrations always are being kept short because I don't have a lot of time to celebrate my own birthday either. But the older I get the less important it has become to celebrate my own birthday - I rather enjoy decorating the tree on this day, listening to Christmas carols and having a cup of glogg (or two) ;)

One of my 2019 favs was not posted on the Calico Craft Parts blog but on my own - as an extra so to say and as the kick off project for the summer special steampunk challenge over at my steampunk challenge blog - and I love it because I had so much fun doing this ATB (Artist Trading Block) and getting crazy with the wiring and with combining some of my most loved bits 'n bobs with the cool craft parts to create my own version of a

My second pick is this little 

that reminds me a bit of ancient Egyptian style furniture pieces
found in Pharaohs' tombs 
though that wasn't intended when I created this piece
(guess it's because of the colours I chose, 
the ornamental patterns and the little spool feet)

and the third project I've chosen 
is this 

done with one of Eileen Hull's journal or book dies
which was the perfect format to properly display some of 
the most beautiful steampunk wood shapes from Calico Craft Parts' wide range

Seems I am a bit obsessed with time travels of all kinds ;)

But then who isn't? The concept of being able to travel through time, making things done in the past undone (or better), finding out about what lies before us...but maybe the latter isn't something I really would want to know...
I think I'd rather live my life instead of ticking off events and achievements on a list I already have. 

But before I get too philosophical let's get back to business and the projects. ;)
These are all close to my heart, the bird box sitting on my writing desk (in it some of my mixed media jewellery pieces I've made), the journal and the ATB being displayed in my "inspirational corner" in the living room. I think they are, because these were all that kind of projects where everything falls into place so naturally, where shapes, colours, patterns and right places find each other and the finished project has become so much more than just the sum of all the parts being used and put together. As if they have developed a life on their own - with a little piece of my heart and soul in them.

If you would like to find out about one of these projects in more detail, please, simply click on their titles and you will get taken to the posts with loads of images and full tutorials - and the lists and links of the Calico Craft Parts used of course.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas 
and a happy new year, dear crafty friends!


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